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See Donovan Dennis' HUGE knockout over Razvan Cojanu

Check out this knockout-of-the-year contender from Boxcino heavyweight finalist Donovan Dennis. GOOM.

Razvan Cojanu cuts an intimidating figure at 6'7.5", but Donovan Dennis found an easy way to cut him down to size. In the semifinal round of ESPN's Boxcino tournament, Dennis cleverly outboxed the giant Romanian before felling him with this cannonball of a left hand. With this win, he moves on to the finals against Andrey Fedosov, whose own difficulties with southpaw Lenroy Thomas on the same night might spell doom for him if Dennis can bring this same kind of power to bear.

Here's our play-by-play of the short but entertaining fight, for those who missed it:

"Round 1: Cojanu comes out aggressively, and immediately starts making himself every bit as hateable as he was last time out by grabbing Dennis around the neck and giving the referee an obnoxious, exaggerated look of frustration. Dennis steps in and shoots a straight left hand down the middle, countering nicely inside the right hand of Cojanu. Now Dennis goes to the body with the left, and Cojanu misses on a counter. He successfully counters a Dennis jab moments later, though. Another left to the body from Dennis--great weapon against a tall opponent. Dennis steps in with a few guard-piercing uppercuts and goes back on the defensive, really highlighting Cojanu's slow footspeed by forcing him to chase him around the ring. 10-9 Dennis

Round 2: Dennis immediately takes the center of the ring and starts with more of the same, staying busy and stabbing Cojanu's abdomen with that left hand. Oh wow! Dennis drops Cojanu with an overhand left! Melted him, and Donovan Dennis is the winner by stone-cold KO!"

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