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PBC on NBC - Garcia vs Peterson: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Danny Garcia takes on Lamont Peterson as Premier Boxing Champions returns to NBC.

Premier Boxing Champions
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 8:30 pm EST on NBC, Premier Boxing Champions is back with a doubleheader from Brooklyn's Barclays Center, as Danny Garcia faces Lamont Peterson in the main event, and Andy Lee takes on Peter Quillin in the co-feature. We'll be here with live coverage this evening, including streaming results at the end of each round of the fights posted right here on this very page.

Garcia (29-0, 17 KO) and Peterson (33-2-1, 17 KO) both last fought in August, when they were in the top two fights on a heavily-criticized Showtime bill at this same venue. That night, Garcia smashed a woefully overmatched Rod Salka, while Peterson dominated an also overmatched Edgar Santana in the night's co-feature. Neither man should find tonight's matchup nearly as easy.

Lee (34-2, 24 KO) and Quillin (31-0, 22 KO) are both action fighters with a flair for the dramatic, and despite Quillin missing weight yesterday, this is still an intriguing fight on paper.

Join us this evening for the fights

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Danny Garcia defeats Lamont Peterson by majority decision (115-113, 115-113, 114-114)

Andy Lee and Peter Quillin fought to a split draw (113-112 Lee, 113-112 Quillin, 113-113)

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Round 1: Peterson using his jab and a lot of lateral movement to avoid Garcia's big left hook. Peterson landing little shots with both hands, and snapping the jab out pretty nicely, keeping away from Garcia's power. Garcia not pressing anything, but looking for openings and feeling Peterson out, more or less. Peterson 10-9

Round 2: Peterson moving and moving, Garcia not getting a chance to throw much at all, and when he does, nothing clean landing. Peterson, on the other hand, just isn't throwing right now. Garcia with a right and a wild left that both clip Garcia. Peterson grazes Garcia with a wild right counter against the ropes, but Garcia got a better shot in just before that. Jab to the body from Garcia. Garcia swings a looping right toward the body that misses. Peterson poking his jab out. Garcia 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Peterson frustrating Garcia but that's about it right now. Garcia throwing long shots that aren't landing, but he's trying to do something, anyway. Right to the body from Garcia, then he just misses a shot upstairs. Peterson flicking the jab still. It's not a real offensive weapon, just something to keep Garcia's timing off. Peterson swings a right to the body, doesn't land. Garcia might want to try to jab and set something up, because Peterson is really eluding him right now. Garcia with a jab to the body. Peterson just moving and moving and moving, poking jabs, bouncing away every time Garcia throws something. Peterson 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Garcia taunting Peterson a little bit, trying to get him to engage. Peterson just will not stay still and Garcia is too slow to do anything about it. Peterson slips, no knockdown. Peterson with a right hand as he comes in, then dips back out. Really a substantial lack of action, and you could blame Peterson's "running," but how about Garcia's failure to cut off the ring? Peterson 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Garcia lands a right. Garcia swings and misses on a hook and a right. Peterson with a right and a left that land. Garcia lands a right again after a double jab blinds Peterson a bit. Stiff right from Garcia lands. Garcia doing more this round for sure, or at least getting more accomplished. Finding range a bit better. "Gar Ci A" chant goes up and it's a pretty big one. Right to the body from Garcia. Garcia 10-9, 48-47

Round 6: Garcia throwing to the body now, hoping to take Peterson's legs away. An obvious idea that a lot of fighters don't use anymore when they should. Peterson with a jab down the pipe. Garcia with a little right hand potshot and a left to the body, warned for straying low. Garcia's got range now, and he's throwing in combination. Latter portion of the round is back to Peterson moving more. Garcia 10-9, 57-57

Round 7: Angel Garcia speaks to BJ Flores: "He ain't landin' nothin' but runnin'." Garcia doing better again, landing to the body. Peterson gets a shot in but his offense has been so limited. He had the approach for movement down, but the offense has really been lacking, and if Garcia lands a few good shots a round, it's hard not to score it for him. Peterson with a lead right, they tie up and Garcia's banging to the body a little more before they break. Garcia 10-9, 67-66

Round 8: Peterson coming out looking more aggressive this round, moving forward and coming toward Garcia. Garcia with a little right hand. Peterson ripping to the body a little more and Garcia comes back with some of his own. Pace is picking up the last few rounds on both sides. Now they're fighting inside, and both are landing some decent shots, to the body and upstairs. Peterson digging to the body, has Garcia against the ropes and he's straight up walking Garcia down now. Garcia also cut near his right eye. Peterson with a right hand upstairs. Peterson 10-9, 76-76

Round 9: Stiff right again from Lamont. Flicking the jab back out. Now winding up his right hand, which gets him clipped by a Garcia right. Peterson jabbing, jabbing, jabbing. Peterson now talking trash at Garcia. Right hand from Garcia gets in as Peterson clowns just a bit. Left and a right from Garcia, grazing shots. Another right, and a good one. Garcia with a jab. Left to the body from Garcia, right upstairs misses behind it. Garcia with a nice combo to the body. Peterson with a shot to the body. Garcia moving away now for a moment. Garcia right back in the trenches, though, and Peterson lands a right at the bell. BY FAR the most action of the fight. Good round. Peterson 10-9, 86-85

Round 10: Peterson's approach is now to put Garcia on his heels and see if he can beat him up down the stretch, perhaps noting that Garcia's gotten tired in fights in the past. But Garcia's motor looks decent, if not great. Garcia missing wildly. Garcia takes this round, though. Peterson did more showboating than fighting. Garcia 10-9, 95-95

Round 11: Quick right from Garcia and then a few shots to the body. Peterson with a body shot. Garcia doesn't seem to have much zip on his fastball, and he shoves Peterson over. Garcia starting to look tired. Right hand from Garcia, then a left hook lands. He's gutting through any fatigue he might be experiencing, and a swollen up right eye. Been a tough fight for him. Garcia strays low, Peterson rips a hook to the body again. Right hand from Peterson. Peterson with a combo to the body against the ropes, then a right hand, and another. Garcia has to slide off the ropes, and he does. Garcia getting popped again. Peterson 10-9, 105-104

Round 12: Peterson lands a right quickly. Left and a combo to the body. Lamont is looking to take this fight, and he looks the far fresher of the two right now. Garcia looks like he's tired and trying to grit his teeth through this. He doesn't seem to have much left. Garcia strays low again, referee didn't see that one. And it wasn't terrible or anything. Right from Peterson, Garcia swinging back but Lamont is getting the best of this. Body shot, and now he's backing him down again. Danny throws back to the body. Left hook upstairs from Peterson. Peterson with a hook to the body, and he's leaving it all in the right. Lamont winging shots with both hands. Danny with a right, and now both are throwing again. They tie up. Fight's gotten pretty chippy and pretty damn entertaining. Peterson closing the show with big shots in the last 30 seconds, but let's see what Garcia might come back with, because he's still throwing. Peterson misses a shot upstairs, Danny misses to the body. Jabs from Peterson. It's over. Fight could be scored a lot of different ways. Peterson 10-9, 115-113


Round 1: Quillin takes the first stab at offense about 40 seconds in, Lee looks to counter and nobody lands anything. Quillin swings a big right about a minute into the round, Lee counters and again nobody really lands anything. Lee looking very content to wait on Quillin to throw, Quillin not looking terribly enthusiastic about throwing. Lee pokes out a jab, falls short. Halfway into the round and nobody's landed anything of real note. Quillin with a charge that doesn't get home, really. And there's a lead right, and Andy Lee is down! Lee up, 15 seconds left in the round. Lee hurt again on a shot just after the bell. Quillin 10-8

Round 2: Let's see if Lee has his legs back at all, because they were gone after that knockdown. Lee coming forward to start this round. Quillin misses a wild uppercut from the outside, nothing comes back from Lee, who is on his back foot again already. His natural inclination to counter might not help him in this matchup. Or it might. We'll see. More tentative waiting by both guys and we're halfway into the round. Quillin poking with a jab here and there but not really throwing it. Right hand from Quillin lands, a glancing blow. Andy Lee is doing nothing this round. Quillin hurts Lee again, and NOW THEY'RE THROWING WILD SHOTS! Lee hangs in there, but he got the worst of it. Quillin just misses a left hook. Round ends there. Quillin 10-9, 20-17

Round 3: Lee might need to do something significant here, because Quillin is looking pretty fearless at this point. There's a lead left from Lee, and he thinks he's got Quillin hurt. Lee lands a right. Quillin is shaken a little. And then down goes Andy Lee! Lee felt that was a slip but not worrying too much about it. Lee tags Quillin again with a left, and Peter is hurt again, trying to get out of the corner and stay away. Right hook from Lee, but Quillin back with a clean shot. This is getting really tense. Quillin's legs shake just a bit on a left that he mostly blocks. Lee poking with the jab and he's cut near his left eye. Lee with a shot at the bell, round ends. Quillin 10-8, 30-25

Round 4: More waiting from both in the first minute of the round. Neither guy loves leading, nobody's using a jab. Lee gets a left in, not a big shot. INCREDIBLY tentative round. Nobody doing anything. Lee with a left to the body. Nobody did anything to win this round. 10-10, Quillin 40-35

Round 5: Another quiet round for the first two minutes and then there's a flurry with Quillin once again hurting Lee. Quillin 10-9, 50-44

Round 6: At the rate this fight is going, I worry Andy Lee’s going to really question the game plan when it’s over. Quillin landing a few, Lee still not tentative. Doesn't seem totally engaged in the fight, like the wheels are turning but the trigger isn't going. Those are different machines. Quillin 10-9, 60-53

Round 7: Doctor taking a look at Lee's jaw, it appears. Both of Andy Lee's losses have been TKO-7s, Marv notes. Lee really cocking his left hand now. Quillin still the one handling the tempo. Tying up after Quillin misses a shot. Crowd groaning again a little bit at the lack of action. DOWN GOES QUILLIN ON A COUNTER RIGHT! Lee pressing when the action resumes. Andy needed that. Lee 10-8, Quillin 68-63

Round 8: Now we see if Lee decides to press more or if he hopes to bait Quillin again, because that might not happen now that Quillin tasted Lee's power in the counter game. Quillin knows there's danger now. Lee not doing anything more than usual, playing it safe a bit. Lee does look more confident now, though. A minute left in the round, either man can take it. Lee with a couple little potshots as their feet tangle again. Right hook from Lee gets in, half a jab almost. Lee with a long left, lands glancingly. Both land little shots and Lee gets out after a quick rush in. Lee 10-9, Quillin 77-73

Round 9: This fight has settled into a comfortable rhythm at this point, nobody really pressing the action. Both guys also know the other guy can drop them or even finish this. Lee is doing more again this round, and with 30 seconds left he pops Quillin with a long left hand. Quillin jabbing for once, lands a couple. But nothing behind the jabs, either. Just a couple little jabs. Lee 10-9, Quillin 86-83

Round 10: Quillin with a shot early in the round, and he might feel the momentum slipping away, knowing he needs to do something. Quillin with a right hand, Lee with a left, Quillin back with a shot. Lee with a lead left. A fairly close round, winnable again in the last 60 seconds. I'll go with Lee on consistent jabs and lefts later in the round. Lee 10-9, Quillin 95-93

Round 11: Knockdowns have made this fight seem more entertaining than it's really been. Both guys have fought at a snail's pace and we'd be losing our minds at the lack of action without those knockdowns. Lee snakes another round for me. This has gotten really interesting in its way where it's not all that interesting, but the wait for inevitable weird scores is intense. Lee 10-9, Quillin 104-103

Round 12: Well, this fight might be up for grabs. Or maybe not! Lee landing some more straight lefts. Quillin looking to step up and take this fight home in the final minute after another fairly slow round. Hard exchange at the end of the round. Quillin 10-9, 114-112

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