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Sergio Martinez leans towards retirement

Sergio's rehab on his badly damaged knee hasn't been going as well as hoped, and he is hinting at an unavoidable retirement.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Sergio Martinez hasn't fought since he lost to Miguel Cotto almost one year ago. During that fight it was readily apparent that Sergio's physical condition was greatly impaired, and it was clear that he hadn't overcome the accumulated damage to his right knee - though he would have the general public believe otherwise leading up to that bout.

Since then, he's spent the last 10 months in his adopted home of Spain, trying desperately to treat the numerous ailments in his right knee, in the hopes of avoiding a surefire career ending surgery. The thing is...the results just haven't been there. The treatment hasn't been as fruitful as he's hoped and now he's intimating that his retirement is inevitable.

"I would like to go on but my injuries are starting to complicate even my daily life," said Martinez, now 40 years old, in an interview published on Tuesday by in Buenos Aires. "My meniscus is torn apart. I've had to wear insoles in my shoes to be able to walk properly without feeling any pain."

In his off-time Martinez has been filling in as a stand-up comic, but all that has been secondary to his main goal of getting back in the ring one more time, in a farewell fight in front of his adoring Argentine fans. But he's not about to do it at all costs, he only wants to make a comeback if he could contend with a "certain level" of opponent.

Martinez is still facing the very real prospect of yet another surgery on his knee, just in order for him to function normally in everyday life. Simple things like getting up in the morning and taking short walks are becoming increasingly difficult with each passing day - so a return to the ring at a high level seems like a near impossibility.

"In the next few weeks, I believe I will make a definitive decision," said Martinez. "I wouldn't give you odds but it's very difficult. I want to avoid a surgery but it appears it will be impossible," said the fighter, who also indicated he will continue his career in show business.

It appears that we may have very well seen the last of Sergio inside the squared-circle, but I'm sure the Cotto performance is not the one he wanted to go out with.

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