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FNF - Harrison vs Munguia: Live results and round by round coverage

FNF is back tonight with a late start time and a Kronk prospect in the main event.

Tonight at 10 pm EST on ESPN2, Friday Night Fights is back with a doubleheader from the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, featuring Kronk junior middleweight prospect Tony Harrison in action in the main event.

Harrison (20-0, 17 KO) will face veteran Pablo Munguia (20-6, 11 KO) in a fight scheduled for 10 rounds. The 24-year-old Detroit native has something of a classic Kronk approach, and at 6'1", is tall for his division. The 36-year-old Munguia can sometimes be a tough out, but has been stopped three times in his career.

In the co-feature, unbeaten featherweight prospect Ryan Kielczewski (22-0, 6 KO) will face Danny Aquino (16-2, 10 KO) in an eight-round fight. Both fighters are still in the development stages of their careers.

Connor Ruebusch will be here for live round-by-round coverage and results of the fights, as we continue to wind down the existence of ESPN Friday Night Fights with one of the last few shows the series will produce.


Tony Harrison defeats Pablo Munguia by TKO, 0:11 of round 3

Danny Aquino defeats Ryan Kielczewski by Split Decision (78-74, 78-74 x 2)

Tevin Farmer defeats Angel Luna by Unanimous Decision (80-72 x 2, 79-73)


Tony Harrison vs Pablo Munguia

Round 1: Munguia is already giving Harrison a better test than Harrison's last FNF opponent did, and he pushes Harrison into the ropes to bang away at his ribs a little bit. He's got a very strange, awkward style, though Harrison counters him with a nice uppercut between wide punches. Nice overhand left from Munguia, and Harrison replies with an uppercut to the his generous bread basket. Two wide left hands land on the top of Harrison's head. I can't believe I'm saying this, but 10-9 Munguia

Round 2: Harrison is coming forward now, and he stabs Munguia with a few sharp jabs. But Munguia quickly turns things around, and sways his way into the pocket around Harrison's extended left hand. Hard shots from Munguia now, and he's knocking the younger man around in the neutral corner. Two hard body shots from Harrison stymie Munguia's assault for a moment. Harrison wisely attacking the body now, interrupting Munguia's wide punches with uppercuts to the pit of the stomach. Two good body shots from Munguia now, but Harrison staggers him with a jab. And boom! Munguia goes down on a right hand from Harrison. He rises, but eats several more hard punches before the bell. 10-8 Harrison, 19-18

Round 3: Harrison comes forward once again, and Munguia slips and rolls most of his punches--and then the referee stops it. That was... not a good decision. Munguia was in this fight, seemed fine after the knockdown, and the referee just called it.

Danny Aquino vs Ryan Kielczewski

Round 1: Aquino starts off very aggressively, and Kielczewski is forced to voer up. Now he's back at a range suited to his frame, and he keeps Aquino on the end of a long jab. Hard body jab from Aquino, and at hudding hook upstairs to follow. Kielczewski answers with a hook of his own. Now he's moving backward but not jabbing, and Aquino is able to walk into range. They trade hard punches--Aquino wtih a straight to the body and Kielczewski with a nice uppercut. Some decent body shots from Aquino when Kielczewski fins himself in the corner, but he escapes and lands a hook in the process. 10-9 Kielczewski

Round 2: Aquino gets off with some thudding body work early, and Kielczewski is warned for trying to hold him back with an outstretched arm. Hard left hook from Kielczewski, and a vicious uppercut as Aquino comes in that blunts his offense for a moment. But Aquino comes right back, ripping uppercuts and hooks to the body. Another hard shot from Kielczewski. And another, a ramrod straight right. And another. Kielczewski goes right for right and comes out on top. Aquino has a tremendous chin! He corners Kielczewski and hammers his body, walking through three vicious counters in the process. 10-9 Kielczewski, 20-18

Round 3: Aquino slipping his way past Kielczewski's jab. He lands a hard left hook upstairs that seems to wobble the tall man a little bit, but Kielczewski's back on his bicycle and he stings Aquino with some clean jabs coming in. There seems to be a pattern emerging, wherein Aquino wins the first part of the round and Kielczewski pulls ahead at the end. Kielczewski counters with a nice right hand over the jab of Aquino, but at least Aquino is jabbing his way in now. Another nice left hook from Aquino, over that counter right of Kielczewski. And another. And another! He may have found his punch!Hard right now, that knocks Kielczewski back as he tries to counter with the uppercut. And a final left hook to punctuate the round. 10-9 Aquino, 29-28 Kielczewski

Round 4: Counter right from Aquino as Kielczewski starts off the round with a very busy jab. Decent left hook from Aquino now, after missing the right. And then there's the right again. He's mixing up his offense nicely, sliding punches around Kielczewski's jab. Another hard left from Aquino--partly blocked, but with concussive force. Everything he throws seems mild except for that hook. Kielczewski's now spent two minutes moving and jabbing without really throwing any power punches. Aquinogets in with another right hand.  They close distance, and Aquino lands another left hook. Kielczewski, to his credit, is taking them just fine. 10-9 Aquino, 38-38

Round 5: Kielczewski is boxing a little better now, landing his jab to the chest to keep Aquino at bay. Now Aquino strolls into his range and connects with a pair of punches, right-left. And a hard straight right as Kielczewski circles out. Kielczewski tries for the uppercut now. He needs to put some zest on that jab to keep Aquino at bay, but he's just measuring with it. He connects with a hard right, but Aquino keeps coming. Now the Mexican backs him into the corner, and sticks him with a sharp jab. Kielczewski counters hi jaxt jab with a right hand, but he's cornered again, and Aquino gets in some good shots to the body. 10-9 Aquino, 48-47

Round 6: More of the same for the first thirty seconds, neither landing anything big. Now Aquino gets in with a right, and somehow he seems to have upped his pace in the 6th round of this bout. Kielczewski thwarts him with a nice left hook, and there's another one as Aquino falls forward with the jab. Good counter right from Kielczewski, and another one that Aquino all but dives into. Aquino bulls into close range and Kielczewski starts to hit him at will with back-step punches. Uppercut, uppercut, skipping right hand. Aquino needs to get back to his jab or risk getting knocked out on the way in. 10-9 Kielczewski, 57-57

Round 7: Aquino lands the first good punch of the round, countering Kielczewski's jab with an overhand right. Stiff jab on the chin from Aquino now, and Kielczewski answers in kind. Another good jab from Aquino, and a right to the top of the head. Good left hook from Aquino, and then some looping right hands as Kielczewski covers up. The Polish Prince seems tired after 7 rounds of brutal back-and-forth fighting.Aquino gets him against the ropes and goes to work Maidana-style, burying his head in the taller man's chest and whipping rights and lefts around his guard. 10-9 Aquino, 67-66

Round 8: Aquino starts off with the jab to the bdoy, and drives Kielczewski into the ropes once again, diving in with his head and working flurries of light but incessant punches to the body. Nice uppercut to the head from Aquino, and Kielczewski answers with a good left hook. For some reason Kielczewski has conceded the inside range, and he's simply brawling with Aquino head-to-head. Now he steps back and lands a wild but clean overhand. Tries it again, but misses. Aquino jumps in with a hook to the body, and a short hook upstairs. He forces Kielczewski into the ropes once more, forehead under his chin, but no head-butting. Both men seem tired now. Aquino lands twice with the left to the body, and they end the fight swinging! 10-9 Aquino, 77-75

Angel Luna vs Tevin Farmer

Round 1: Farmer stars off trading and landing from his southpaw stance. Now he's got Luna engaging, and he decides to slide back and look for counters. He lands several in a row, pulling away from Luna's straight right and digging the left uppercut to the pit of the stomach. Tons of body work from Farmer early, and Luna just can't seem to land with that right hand. 10-9 Farmer

Round 2: Luna comes out with renewed aggression, but he's not really working his way in at all, just hoping to land the lead right over and over. Farmer catches the back of his head with a right hook and drags him to the canvas. And again. Luna's leaning in and leaving himself off balance. Luna's got the fight to close range now, but Farmer's defense is tight. Farmer warned for a low blow. More uppercuts to the body from Farmer, and now he starts to pierce Luna's guard with the straight left as well. Luna's coming on hard still, but I don't think he's landed a clean punch in over a minute. 10-9 Farmer, 20-18

Round 3: Farmer's activity has increased now. Luna gets in his chest, but Farmer cleverly blocks punches with his arms, and lands a huge uppercut that snaps Luna's head back and sends him stumbling! Now Farmer pushes forward, and counters Luna with another pair of uppercuts to the body. Referee warns Farmer for shoulder bumping Luna--I say let the man work! Another warning for low blows. Farmer will have to be careful if he doesn't want to lose a point, but that's his round. 10-9 Farmer, 30-27

Round 4: More counter uppercuts from Farmer to start this round. Luna doesn't seem to have any ideas besides charging in with the lead right over and over. All Farmer has to do is pivot, slip, and come back with the counter left. Easy work for the American so far. Short overhand left from Farmer that knocks Luna back. Counter straight after a separation from the ref. Farmer getting loose at range, now. He flourishes with a bolo punch, and locks Luna's knees for a moment with a sneaky right hook. Luna may be starting to tir--missing and getting slugged in the gut will do that to you. Farmer ends the round flaunting his impressive defense, ducking, dodging, and grinning as Luna misses. 10-9 Farmer, 40-36

Round 5: Luna looks fresher now--we'll see if that lasts for the rest of the round. Farmer lets himself get backed into the corner and simply slips or rolls everything Luna throws at him. At least six punches completely evaded. Farmer is jabbing a lot more now, and Luna seems even more lost at range. Now Luna starts to jab, and actually gets in with a right to the chest as a result. They're back on the inside now, and Farmer is attacking the body once more. And Luna is starting to look sluggish again. Hard uppercut from Farmer, this time off the right hand. And now a short left right across the Dominican's jaw. I'm not sure he can take another three rounds of this. Farmer ends the round with a snappy left that sends Luna reeling. 10-9 Farmer, 50-45

Round 6: Once again Luna starts off quick, but Farmer quickly discourages him with a counter left. Right hand lands for Luna. Farmer seems to have zeroed in on the right hook as his go-to weapon, and he lands it several times over the shoulder of Luna. Luna comes back with a left hook of his own. Tries it again, but Farmer deflects it with his shoulder. Luna is doing better now, though, landing some glancing blows and fighting competitively on the inside. Now Farmer breaks and ends the round taunting and moving around near the ropes. 10-9 Farmer, 60-54

Round 7: Risky business there. Farmer's head slipped through the ropes and Luna just about nailed him from the other side of the ring boundary. Good right hand to the body from Luna. It's starting to look like Farmer either plans to take the rest of the fight off, or conserve his energy for the final round. There was a flashy little shoeshine from Farmer, and a nice counter left moments later. Two vicious body shots from Farmer, left uppercut and right hook. And then two left uppercuts in a row, one to the body, the next to the nose. Luna must know he needs a knockout, and he ends the round pushing the pace inside, but Farmer gets the last laugh once again with a snapping left at the bell. 10-9 Farmer, 70-63

Round 8: Yep, looks like Farmer was saving up for a hard final round. Luna gets in with some shots, but Farmer fights right through him, and knocks Luna back and forth with hooks from either hand. He's throwing everything with full power. Farmer gets a rest by moving around the ring again, and Luna's too beat to chase him down effectively. Hard right hand from Luna, but Farmer comes back with a left. Vicious right uppercut to the body from Farmer. He may be selling out a little too much on these shots, but it makes for a fun final round! Now a cheekily uncommitted left catches Luna off guard and pops his head back. Farmer ends the round slipping and dipping while Luna throws hopeless jabs back at him. 10-9 Farmer, 80-72

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