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Chavez vs Fonfara: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr takes on Andrzej Fonfara in tonight's Showtime Championship Boxing main event.


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr returns to action in his Showtime debut tonight against Andrzej Fonfara, in the main event of a four-fight card on Showtime and Showtime Extreme, beginning with prelim fights at 8 pm EST.

BLH will be here with live, round by round coverage of all the fights. Scott will be handling the SHO Extreme fights, with Connor taking over for the main card at 10 pm EST.

Here's the lineup:

Showtime Extreme (8 pm EST)

  • Super Bantamweights, 12 Rounds: Oscar Escandon (24-1, 16 KO) vs Moises Flores (22-0, 16 KO)
  • Middleweights, 8 Rounds: Omar Chavez (32-3-1, 22 KO) vs Richard Gutierrez (28-15-1, 17 KO)
  • Welterweights, 6 Rounds (Swing Bout): Fabian Maidana (5-0, 4 KO) vs Cory Vom Baur (2-2, 0 KO)

Showtime (10 pm EST)

  • Light Heavyweights, 12 Rounds: Julio Cesar Chavez Jr (48-1-1, 32 KO) vs Andrzej Fonfara (26-3, 15 KO)
  • Junior Welterweights, 10 Rounds: Amir Imam (16-0, 14 KO) vs Walter Castillo (25-2, 18 KO)

* * * * * *


Andrzej Fonfara defeats Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. by TKO (referee stoppage), round nine

Amir Imam defeats Walter Castillo by unanimous decision (99-91, 100-90, 98-92)

Moises Flores defeats Oscar Escandon by split decision (116-112, 116-112, 113-115)

Omar Chavez defeats Richard Gutierrez by unanimous decision (78-74, 77-75, 77-75)

* * * * * *



Round 1: Chavez with the wild overhand and misses big. Fonfara runs back after him and lands a right of his own. Another nice right from Fonfara. Two slow starters trying to jump up the pace early here. Chavez shoots a right hand over Fonfara's left hand, and now he's complaning about a headbutt. Fonfara hammers Chavez with the left hook, three times in a row. Chavez comes back with a body jab followed by a looping right over the top. Now he's complaining about a low blow, and Fonfara jumps in as he's looking away. Chavez needs to focus up here. Chavez hanging his hands low and taunting Fonfara now. Now he slips under Fonfara's jab, runs into his elbow, and complains to the ref again. Not a good look for Chavez early. It is a fight after all. 10-9 Fonfara

Round 2: Fonfara comes out with a busy jab early, and Chavez counters him with a hard hook! The sound on that shot was incredible, and Fonfara was wobbled. Now Chavez corners Fonfara and bangs him with the hook to the body. And again. Fonfara responds with one of his own, but he lets himself get cornered again, and Chavez goes to work. Good right-left from Fonfara. Chavez's complaining may have had an effect last round, because the ref keeps cautioning Fonfara for leaning on Chavez's head even though it's Chavez leaning in head-first. Nice right hand from Fonfara. Fonfara jabs stepping backward and lands both times. Left to the body from Chavez again, and again he dives under Chavez's forearm and complains to the ref. 10-9 Chavez, 19-19.

Round 3: Fonfara runs out of his corner and immediately jumps on Chavez. Uppercut-left hook to the body from Fonfara. Chavez goes to the body with the left hook again, but Fonfara blocks it. Fonfara with an uppercut-hook, and the hook lands clean. Chavez jabbing to the body now. For a guy complaining about fouls, Chavez is coming in awfully roughly with his forehead. Another hard hook from Fonfara. He's doing great work every time Chavez steps back, and yet Chavez can't land himself when he leans in. Short right from Chavez there, though, and a body shot. Nice cross counter from Chavez there, but Fonfara spins him into the corner and hits him with an even better right. 10-9 Fonfara, 29-28

Round 4: Chavez backing up with his hands low again. If Stevenson couldn't get to Fonfara like that I doubt Chavez will. Brilliant uppercut from Fonfara--snaps Chavez's head back as he steps in. Beautiful combo from Chavez, though! Slobber-knocking left hook and a few hard body punches. Another clean hook from Chavez, but Fonfara pivots left and lands three short ones of his own. Chavez forcing his way in. Two nice lefts to the body from him. And another, this one up the middle. Fonfara's throwing more and faster punches, but Chavez is actually landing the harder shots now. Three left hooks from Fonfara, and three consecutive body punches from Chavez to win the round. 10-9 Chavez, 38-38

Round 5: Fonfara lands jabs early, and he does a nice job of pivoting off to land a hook as Chavez drives in with his forehead. Hard right over the top from Chavez. Left to the body, and another short overhand. He's doing some good work now. Right hook behind the elbow from Chavez. Left uppercut as Fonfara backs into the ropes. Fonfara backs him off with a short combination, but Chavez dives right back in. Now Fonfara pivots back to center ring, and smashes Chavez's chin with an uppercut as he follows. Another uppercut from Fonfara, and he backs up to sting Chavez with his jab a few times. Chavez just bulling forward and taking punches. Another uppercut from Fonfara, and Chavez ends the round diving into a clinch. 10-9 Fonfara, 48-47

Round 6: The referee asks for good sportsmanship at the start of the round, and both fighters just sort of laugh. Fonfara tries to wipe Chavez's smile off with a hard combination, and Chavez smiles bigger and asks for more. Thre body shots from Chavez stray below the belt, and that's another warning from the ref. Body shot from Chavez, and a wide right to follow up. Fonfara doesn't seem fazed at all, and he clips Chavez with some nice jabs in center ring. Chavez slams two punches into Fonfara's guard, and Fonfara responds with a left hook to Chavez's face. And more left hooks upstairs from Fonfara. He's starting to win comfortably now, aside from a few big shots from Chavez now and then. Chavez tries for one of those now, and Fonfara deftly blocks it. 10-9 Fonfara, 58-56

Round 7: Fonfara runs to meet Chavez and greets him with a short right to the jawline. Fonfara pushing Chavez back in close now, and landing punches every time he finds the space. Fonfara slams his hsoulder into Fonfara's jaw, and Chavez complains. Immediately the ref takes a point, even though Chavez has been fouling just as much. Horrible call there.Chavez still trying to attack the body as they reset, but Fonfara blocks and gets in with two short counters to the head. Left hook from Fonfara as Chavez bulls in, and Chavez gets warned for another body shot. No point deduction for that, though. Fonfara rolls under a left hook, and Chavez mean mugs him to end the round. 9-9 Fonfara, 67-66

Round 8: Suddenly Chavez is throwing jabs, and for a moment it confuses Fonfara, even though they're not landing. Fonfara is nervous about pushing back on the inside now, and that's an unfair advantage for him, since Chavez just keeps driving head-first into his chest, threatening the headbutt at times. Still, Fonfara is picking him off with little, clean punches. Chavez's left eye is starting to swell, too. More punches from Fonfara as Chavez backs up. He's doing a great job of not putting too much into these punches. Just enough to snap Chavez's head back without wasting energy. He drives Chavez into the ropes with a combination, grabs him in a headlock, and uppercuts him right after letting go. Fun exchange from both men at the bell. 10-9 Fonfara, 77-75

Round 9: Joe Goosen asked Chavez for intense pressure on the stool, and yet he begins the round dancing around with his hands down. Driving headfirst into the clinch now, though, and FOnfara shoves him back before lighting him up with a four punch combo. Chavez has Fonfara against the ropes now, and finally Fonfara thinks to complain to the ref himself about Chavez's head. Nice left hook to the body from Chavez, and once again Fonfara spins away and jabs him coming in. Fonfara spins off the ropes and hits Chavez with a thunderous hook, and Chavez is down for the first time in his career! He's hurt, badly hurt. He beats the count, but he does not look good at all. But such heart from Chavez! He slugs Fonfara against the ropes with rights and lefts. He refuses to quit, and he survives the round. 10-8 Fonfara, 87-83


Round 1: Tentative start from both fighters. Imam attacking periodically with a sharp jab to the head and body, and after eating a few Castillo slips one and uses the opportunity to slide into the pocket, where Imam ties him up. Hard 1-2 from Imam, but Castillo is jabbing with him successfully now. And a solid left hook by Castillo. Imam lands another thudding cross--he's setting it up with the jab across the face, Thomas Hearns style. Castillo coming forward, hits Imam in the body and arm with a few punches, but Imam deftly avoids the corner. Hard counter right from Imam, and Castillo's legs went stiff on that one. Imam lands a few shots but it's clear that Imam has the power advantage here. 10-9 Imam

Round 2: Castillo a little more effective at the start of the rend. Imam bobs and weaves, but Castillo gets in with two or three left hooks. And again--Imam cornered, leans to his right, and Castillo hammers him with left hooks. Same punch that the right-hip dominant James Toney was always most susceptible to. If Imam wants to stay ahead in this fight he'll need to use both hips. Solid 1-2 from Castiloo, and Imam answers with his own, though the cross misses by an inch. More consecutive hooks from Castillo--not all landing clean, but certainly having an impact. Imam's gone away from the jab, and he's just trying to counter Castillo coming in now. Clean counter right from Imam against the ropes, but Castillo responds with two or three cuffing shots to close the round. 10-9 Castillo, 19-19

Round 3: Castillo's the one with the feints and jabs at the start of this round, and his left hook to the body is the first power punch landed. Crisp jab from Castillo, and then a tricky lead right that lands. Once again, Imam is simply countering, but Castillo answers every counter with two or three of his own. Imam needs the jab to keep Castillo out of his range. Counter right from Imam as Castillo goes to the body against the ropes, but Castillo answers with a hard right of his own. He's hitting Imam with two punches for every one of Imam's. There's the jab from Imam! Three, four jabs in a row snap Castillo's head back, and suddenly he's throwing it hard to the body and head again. Clean 1-2 from Imam, but he's cornered and taking punches again. Nice comeback, but not enough to steal the round. 10-9 Castillo, 29-28

Round 4: Imam starts off with some jabs to the body. Castillo cross counters one of those jabs now, and eats a right hand coming in, only to answer with two left hooks, body-head. They clinch, and Castillo hits a nice right hook on the break. Nice right hand from Imam. The jab has vanished again, likely because Castillo isn't doing a half bad job of countering it when it does appear. Imam lands it a few times there, and a beautiful right hand to follow it. Castillo runs face-first into another short right hand on his way to the inside. Imam's counters work much better when he creates opportunities with his jab. Much stronger round for Imam. 10-9 Imam, 38-38

Round 5: Imam is jabbing to the chest now, and shows some nice stopping power the first time that Castillo tries to walk in. Four-punch combination from Imam, once again set up with the jab. Castillo's playing the part of counter puncher now, and he gets in with several punches in a row. Imam backed straight up and Castillo stayed on him. Good right hand from Castillo, and he's back on the offensive. Vicious counter right to the body from Castillo, and he hits Imam with several rabbit punches in the resultant tie-up. Castillo tries to come right back in, and Imam counters him with the hook, followed by a staggering right hand. Castillo counters to the body again after Imam whiffs on a right hand. Another body shot from Castillo and that's the bell. 10-9 Imam, 48-47

Round 6: Jab feint from Castillo sets up the right hand, and then again, and again! And a hard left hook as Imam pulls straight back from an exchange. Body jabs once again from Imam, and a triple jab upstairs. Nice left hook to the body from Castillo, but Imam deftly blocks the rest of his combination. Imam simply sitting in the corner now and landing some shoulder roll counters, but he's no Floyd Mayweather, and Castillo is hitting him with every other attempt. Left hook to the body and a glancing right upstairs from Castillo. 10-9 Imam, 58-56

Round 7: Castillo with a glancing right hand to start the round. Castillo sneaks a few body shots in around the guard, but it cost him a few sharp jabs to get there. There's a few nice punches from Castillo--when Imam tries to get cute and shoulder roll, he gets hit more easily. He's more effective when he moves around the ring. He's doing so again now, though his jabs aren't really landing as Castillo slips mid-ring. Castillo dives in after one of those jabs as Imam's back hits the ropes, and he lands a few thudding body shots. Now Imam gets in a jab to the stomach and Castillo hits him with a nice cross counter. Hard punches to the body and head from Imam, and he's stealing a close round with this impressive work. 10-9 Imam, 68-65

Round 8: Imam jabbing off the back foot once again and landing low and high. Castillo is slowing now, and Imam is slipping nearly everything he throws. It helps that he's not simply backing into the ropes now, too. Shoulder roll counter right from Imam, and now he does the smart thing and slips out of the corner before Castillo can get comfortable. Castillo backs him into the ropes again, but a sharp jab gives Imam enough time to escape. Beautiful boxing being displayed in this round. Castillo is suddenly struggling to land anything clean. Another shoulder roll right, and Imam escapes again. They clinch and Imam trades cuffing right hands with Castillo. Castillo ends the round swinging but not scoring. 10-9 Imam, 78-74

Round 9: Castillo comes out with renewed vigor, and walks through an Imam jab to slug his ribs with the left hook. Imam skips around the edge of the ring and avoids Castillo's follow-up punches. Imam taking hard punches now, though, as he decides to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with the pressure fighter. Castillo gets in with several hard punches. Clean right hand as Imam tries to circle to his left. Imam counters with th ejab, but his opponent has his confidence back. Imam takes it away with two long combinations, landing nearly every punch. Now Imam is setting up a left uppercut with that dangerous right hand, and catching Castillo leaning. Good jab-hook at the bell, and that's another Imam round. 10-9 Imam, 88-83

Round 10: Castillo with jabs to the chest and a hard left hook to the ribs. Another body hook. And another attempted, but Imam avoids it. Imam circles and jabs, landing three in succession. Nice right hand from Castillo, and Imam immediately strikes back with a right of his own. Castillo is starting to wilt under some of these punches, though he's still coming forward. Imam pushes Castillo back into the ropes now, and he's slipping and countering coming forward now. Right hand lands, left uppercut lands. Left to the body, then the head. Castillo is on the defensive now. Imam spins his head with a beautiful cross. Imam's best round of the fight, and he closed the show the way he should. 10-9 Imam, 98-92


Round 1: Escandon is 5'1", 5'2". Flores is 5'9". Escandon looking to rush Flores right away, but Flores ties him up a bit and keeps him from charging forward quite as much. Flores loading up shots. Flores with a good right late in the round, and this was a pretty fun round. Not a ton of clean shots landing, but both guys throwing some heavy shots, and as soon as they start connecting, it could get wild. Flores 10-9

Round 2: Flores leading the action and lands a body shot. Digs in another. Flores poking from range, but Escandon lands a shot. Escandon with a chopping right upstairs. Left hook from Flores gets in, then he ducks a hook and is hit with a second. Flores with a right hand down the pipe, then a shot to the body. Another right cross lands. Escandon with a counter right. Flores misses a loaded up right hand. Flores landing again, and hard shots at the end of the round. Flores 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Escandon really having trouble with Flores' length in the first two rounds, let's see if he can get this where he wants it. Flores starts the round landing from the outside again, and Escandon is now covering up and not throwing back much. Maybe a little rope-a-dope to slow Flores down. Escandon with a wound up right to the body. Escandon eats a left uppercut as he's backed to the ropes again, but he works out and turns Flores around. Escandon with a body shot. Chopping rights to the body from Escandon, Flores with an uppercut. Right hand from Escandon. Left hook from Escandon misses. Flores digging to the body now, two rights to the midsection. Flores turns southpaw and throws from range. Escandon throws a lot and misses most of it. Flores 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Escandon certainly doing better this round, but Flores still looks very comfortable with the pace and the style of this fight. He's landing some nice shots and smacking Escandon's gloves down from in front of his head. Flores missed more in this round than he had in the first three, and it's the first round with an Escandon argument. Escandon 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Flores getting some charity at moments from Escandon, who tends to disappear for significant portions of the round. The worry here is probably if Flores can keep up this pace, since he's never gone past seven rounds before. Four punch combo from Flores late in the round might be enough to take this one, but it was a close round. Flores 10-9, 49-46

Round 6: Right hand from Flores, Escandon fires back with a counter hook that gets in. Both throw jabs in stereo. Escandon chasing but not throwing much of significance, then Flores sticks him on the ropes again and peppers a little bit, turning southpaw and throwing looping lefts to the body. Then a little flurry inside, all landing. Escandon springs forth with a left hand. Still fairly busy from both guys, and an enjoyable fight to watch. Nothing crazy, but consistent motion and hands being thrown. Escandon with uppercuts and he's come back in this round to make an argument for himself again. Right hand from Escandon. Flores started this round well but I thought Escandon just nicked it by landing down the stretch and making Flores miss. Escandon 10-9, Flores 58-56

Round 7: The pace wearing on both just a little bit, but they're still throwing to start this round. Escandon may have hurt Flores with just over a minute left in the round as they keep battling, with Flores leading the action early, and Escandon is taking the advantage here. Flores throwing back now, but Escandon landing the sharper blows at the moment. Left from Flores, and now some body work as he works Escandon to the ropes once again. Uppercut from Flores. Flores recovering nicely from a small bit of adversity in the round, and he takes it. Flores 10-9, 68-65

Round 8: Turning into a chippier fight after some elbowing and kicking at the bell last round. Escandon working and trying to get under Flores' skin somewhat, throwing an illegal shot to the kidney, which is not really that unusual for him from what I've seen. Flores showing his conditioning is legit, though. Escandon 10-9, Flores 77-75

Round 9: Flores kind of dominating this round, as he now looks like he may be the fresher man. Not a lot coming back from Escandon, and what does isn't as hard charging as earlier. Which makes sense, as he has spent a lot of energy. Still a good pace, too. Exactly the kind of fight you'd like to see on SHO Extreme. Flores 10-9, 87-84

Round 10: Continuing good pace here. Really good body work this round from Escandon, but Flores is there and punching sharp upstairs still. Both guys throwing hard shots. Escandon with a right, left from Flores. This might actually be the best round of this fight, constant action. Looping right hand from Escandon. 30 seconds left and it's a winnable round on both sides. Right hand from Flores, not much on it, but he's pushing Escandon back to the ropes. Left hook from Flores. Escandon may have cost himself the round laying back late there. Flores 10-9, 97-93

Round 11: Escandon coming back strong this round after being told by Ruben Guerrero that he had to win the final two rounds. Escandon winging shots and landing pretty consistently. Flores with a three-punch combo inside, looking to steal the round late. Probably Escandon's best round, and he lands a solid right late. Flores to the body. Escandon 10-9, Flores 106-103

Round 12: Amazing that the pace has stayed this hot all the way through the fight. Maybe not a GREAT fight, as there hasn't been much in the way of real drama, but exciting and totally easy to watch. Escandon putting all he can into this final round. Flores shoves him down late in the round, and Escandon responds by SPRINTING at Flores and looking to throw big shots. Hell of a fight and it ends with both throwing. Escandon 10-9, Flores 115-113


Round 1: Fairly uneventful opening round between the journeyman and the young man with the skill set of a journeyman in training. Chavez looking very pedestrian, but clearly outworking and outlanding Gutierrez. Chavez 10-9

Round 2: Gutierrez working a bit more about a minute into the round, forcing Chavez to the ropes with a body attack, but Omar comes out of that with an uppercut and a shot to the body, followed by another solid body blow from Chavez. Gutierrez doing a great job stepping into range and then standing there. Chavez 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Chavez slips early in the round when Gutierrez steps on his foot. Gutierrez decides to use his 20 seconds of aggression per round early in this one, throwing some shots that are largely blocked. Nice body stuff from Gutierrez, though. Chavez is easily backed down when he's hit. Chavez works Gutierrez into the corner and throws to the body, a couple upstairs after. Gutierrez standing his ground and throwing back a bit, which gets Omar to back down enough for Gutierrez to walk out of the corner. Clean right from Gutierrez. He's doing a lot more this round. Gutierrez 10-9, Chavez 29-28

Round 4: Omar continues to struggle and Gutierrez picking away as Chavez gets on his bike a little bit. Chavez throwing but not with the same sort of zip he had earlier. Gutierrez strays way low on a body shot, and Omar takes a shot right on the ol' penis. Debatable round as Gutierrez slowed down compared to the third, but Chavez didn't really pick up the slack. Gutierrez 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: A little trading on the inside. Chavez landing and escaping a bit, but Gutierrez pops him with a clean right to the jaw. Chavez leaning in and not working now, and Gutierrez taking the lead. Chavez with a nice combo, an uppercut sneaking in. Pace slows in the final minute, but a fairly busy round. Chavez 10-9, 48-47

Round 6: Chavez working more, Gutierrez's output has dipped considerably again. Could be a conditioning issue. Chavez just popping a few shots in here and there, jabbing and opening up a bit on combos, and leading the action. Keeping a comfortable distance. Chavez with combo work on the inside, then gets out and lands a lead right with Gutierrez moving forward. Another right hand lands from the outside, really wound up on that one. Chavez 10-9, 58-56

Round 7: Gutierrez trying to jab now, Chavez catches him with a right. It's a jab and nothing behind it from Gutierrez. Chavez with a left hand upstairs, now some decent inside work, but there's a heavy right from Gutierrez. And another. Another hits the glove blocking up high. Chavez firing away inside now, and we've got some action! STUBHUB! Chavez chopping away in close again, and Gutierrez looks a little gassed out with a minute left in the round. Chavez 10-9, 68-65

Round 8: Looks to be Chavez's fight at this point, unless Gutierrez can knock him out. Gutierrez gunning for a KO punch, and working as hard as he has at any other point. But Omar isn't just giving the round away, either, and he lands a nice combination. He's not looking to leave any doubt about the outcome here. Another long right lands at the bell, and Chavez firmly takes the fight. Chavez 10-9, 78-74

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