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Kelly Pavlik arrested at Foo Fighters concert

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Kelly Pavlik has once again come back to the headlines.

Harry How/Getty Images

Former middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik is back in the news, and once again, not for good reasons. According to a report at WKBN-27, Pavlik was arrested at a Foo Fighters concert this afternoon.

Sources tell Trumbull County Bureau Chief Jeff Levkulich that Kelly Pavlik, former Middleweight Boxing Champion of the World was issued a summons during the Foo Fighters concert this afternoon.

According to sources, Pavlik showed up heavily intoxicated and began fighting.

Weathersfield police confirmed the person involved in the incident was Pavlik.

Pavlik, 33, had had various scrapes with the law in the last few years, and a publicized drinking problem that included a stint in rehab in 2010, after he lost his middleweight championship to Sergio Martinez.

Pavlik retired in early 2013 after a series of tune-up bouts in 2011-12, after a fight with Andre Ward fell through. His career record is 40-2 (34 KO). He beat Jermain Taylor for the middleweight championship in 2007, and successfully defended three times.