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Leo Santa Cruz says he's 'frustrated' by not being able to give fans what they want

Leo Santa Cruz continues to take heat from fans and media for facing substandard opponents, and says that he just fights who he's given, but does get frustrated.

Usually fighters say, 'We fight who's put in front of us.' At some point, do you feel frustrated not being able to fight the guys you wanna fight, or the guys the crowd wants you to fight, like the Scott Quiggs, the Framptons, the Rigos?

"Yeah, of course. I get frustrated and I get upset because I can't give the fans the fight that they want. If I was up to me, I would give it to them. But my team, they're the ones who decide. They tell me who I fight, I just go out there and feed my family. This is my job. I just go in the gym, stay ready, and whoever they put in front of me, that's who I fight."

How early did you start training for this fight?

"I started like a month and a half ago, I started getting ready. They hadn't told me when I was gonna fight, but I always like to stay in the gym, so whenever they tell me, I'll be ready. It's what happened. They told me like a week ago or so that I was fighting on this card, and I was more than happy. I was excited. I took the opportunity and said yes."

You said you're thankful to Floyd for giving you this opportunity. Has he given any tickets for this fight?

"Not yet, but I think he's gonna give me some. My family has to be there. I was thankful, and hopefully he does it."

Are there any specific fighters you're hoping to fight?

"I want to fight the best. I just get ready. My job is to be in the gym, and whoever they throw in front of me, that's who I fight."

You have a lot at risk here if you lose this fight.

"Of course, but we always train really hard to not let that happen. We come 100 percent ready, no matter who the fighter is. Every fighter is dangerous. We just get ready for whoever."

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