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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Floyd explains his reserved disposition

Floyd Mayweather has been uncharacteristically quiet during the promotion of the biggest fight in boxing. He now explains why he's taken on this reserved approach.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Rewind to early 2007 and Floyd Mayweather was incessantly taunting Oscar De La Hoya for what was then the biggest fight in boxing history (money-wise). Floyd's antics ranged anywhere from verbal tirades, inviting Oscar to the podium (which actually happened to be a chicken wearing a gold medal), to stealing Oscar's training equipment. Whatever he was doing, it was loud, flashy, and so obnoxious that Oscar still can't stand Floyd nearly 10 years later.

Fast-forward to the present and Floyd is faced with an even bigger fight in Manny Pacquiao. Yet unlike the Floyd we all knew and loved/despised, the man has scarcely even uttered a harsh word to the opposing side. What's the deal with that?!

"I did all of that loud talking to get to a certain point in my career and it was a brilliant game plan," Mayweather said regarding his "Money" persona on Wednesday's international media conference call. "But I'm not going to speak negatively about Freddie Roach. I just don't have to do that at all."

Freddie Roach, of course, has been the one doing most of the erratic trash talking in the media. Erratic because he's gone on record saying things like Pacquiao has to fight a perfect fight in order to win, to saying that Floyd is just an ordinary fighter who'll get knocked out - and pretty much everything in between. Clearly there's some disconnect in his reasoning but I certainly can't blame him for taking up for his fighter. Regardless of what Roach says though, Floyd refuses to take the bait.

"If I say something about him they'll say Floyd is picking on someone who's not 100-percent healthy," Mayweather continued, alluding to Roach suffering from Parkinson's disease. "He's trying to make this a God vs. Devil type of fight and the best way for me to handle this situation is not to say anything at all."

Quite honestly, this might be the most mature statement I've ever seen attributed to Mayweather...but it sure doesn't make for a great promotion. Yes, the fight will sell itself anyway, but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't do with a little more theatrics to keep it interesting. How else are we supposed to kill all this time in anticipation of the first bell? Oh well, just about one week left...

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