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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Watch HBO's 'The Legends Speak' preview

Past opponents Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto, and Juan Manuel Marquez, plus legends George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, and Bernard Hopkins weigh in on Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

Oscar De La Hoya

On Mayweather: "I actually felt in the first half of the fight what I'm capable of doing, my natural talent, the hard work that I put in in the gym. So that first half was fairly easy." (Lampley: "Was he setting you up?") "Absolutely. But that's why Mayweather's so great."

On Pacquiao: "You ever have a fly in front of you, you can't catch it, and you're, like, 'Please go away'? Manny Pacquiao was like that for eight rounds. He would throw punches in bunches, and he was landing everything. I just couldn't throw back. ... He was so relentless. Jim, I was at one point, had him in the center of the ring. He was wide open, and I could see the shot, but I just couldn't pull the trigger."

Shane Mosley

On Mayweather: "I thought I could force him to trade with me more than he did with Oscar because of my foot speed to get to him. ... I thought it was over. The bell rung and saved him, as I like, ahh, I almost had him."

On Pacquiao: "I was looking at Manny, and the guy is, like, to my chin. I'm, like, there's no way this guy can beat me. No way! ... So we're in the second round, and I'm thinking, now I'm gonna hit him with a right hand, see how he reacts to the right hand. Set him up, line it up, and I see him bouncing, boom, he does a little one-two. I fall down, like, 'Wow, that didn't seem that hard. Why did I go down?' I get back up, and I'm dizzy. I'm, like, whoa! I'm still dizzy! ... So I move around, touch-touch-touch, and I notice when he grazes me with a right hook, I kinda feel it a little bit. And I realize, wow, I have ten more rounds to go."

Ricky Hatton

On Mayweather: "I had my successes up close, I was working away, but I think he likes people putting the pressure on him. I think when people put the pressure on him, it brings the best out of him."

On Pacquiao: "It was very apparent just how heavy handed he was. And more so, he wasn't gonna give ground. He tried to hit me hard as I was marching in. More explosive puncher than Floyd Mayweather. He hurt me with every punch, to be honest."

Miguel Cotto

"Styles make fights. Floyd Mayweather thinks and always tries to be one or two steps ahead. Manny Pacquiao, he's faster than anybody and he's going to use his quickness. They have the possibility to make a great fight. It all depends what kind of mind they have on May 2nd."

Juan Manuel Marquez

On Pacquiao: "I think Manny needs to use pressure. Needs to land many punches with his speed. But he needs intelligence, a little intelligence in the ring."

On Mayweather: "He's the best pound-for-pound fighter. The Mayweather style is a great style. His defense is great, and he uses the counter punch very well. ... His defense is important, because Manny has power. I think if Pacquiao connects one punch with power, Mayweather may go down."

George Foreman

"The way to beat a fighter like Mayweather is concentrate on winning one round at a time. You win one round, you look at the judges and say I've put in more punches, I'm landing. Sit on your stool and rest. Second round win, third round win. Maybe you have to coast one round. Then you get back and you win the next round. Don't try to knock out -- forget the knockout."

Lennox Lewis

"I think the matchup is great. You've got a counter puncher against an aggressor. So something has to give. This is a great matchup in that sense."

Bernard Hopkins

"This is about pride, this is about dignity, this is about I told you I can beat him. If I'm Floyd Mayweather, I told you I'd have done the same thing five years ago."

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