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David Haye arrested in Dubai over alleged check fraud

David Haye was taken into custody by at Dubai Airport over a £341,000 bounced check.

Anthony Harvey/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Upon arriving in Dubai, David Haye was arrested by officials and accused of fraud over a £341,000 check he wrote for a new property that ultimately bounced. Haye was then forced to give up his passport which has kept in the UAE, which caused him to miss out on a MMA event he was planning to attend in Birmingham this past weekend.

The check was supposed to be a final payment for a new property by developers Emaar, which also is partly owned by the Dubai government. David Haye, for his part, says the bounced check was simply due to administrative error. Comedian Kevin Hart has a pretty funny bit where he talks about something similar, saying he has a checkings and a savings account but that sometimes he forgets to transfer the funds from his savings to his checkings - causing some embarrassing situations. Perhaps this was simply the case here. David Haye explains:

"The cheque was presented to the bank four days before I landed. It was not due to be presented until final completion of my property, which is due in a few weeks.

'This was an administrative error which is being rectified. I explained to the police and presented documents as proof. But I can totally understand these mistakes can happen."

Haye doesn't seem to concerned about this and Dubai police typically give suspects one month to pay the value of the check before they end up taking it to court, so it appears Haye has some time to sort out this 'administrative error.'

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