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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Floyd Sr talks Pacquiao, Ali, more

"Pacquiao is just an opponent. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. He's just an opponent."

Does Pacquiao remind you of anybody, historically speaking?

"Pacquiao look like Pacquiao to me. And he gonna look just like that. Pac the fuck up."

Is he just ordinary, then?

"Like I told everybody. They ask me about Pacquiao, I tell 'em just like this. He's just an opponent. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. He's just an opponent. That's it. Ain't nothing devastating about him, ain't nothing crucial about him, all the punching hard and stuff that everybody think he been doing, y'all already know about what the time it is. Hey, I'm gonna tell you like this, it ain't nothing. So now you see it ain't nothing, now, the one guy that fought him last wasn't nothing but a sub-novice fighter. An amateur, sub-novice -- novice, man. Not open, novice. He's a novice fighter. You might've knocked him down three or four times, but he couldn't fight anyway. He gonna get the shit beat out of him."

What kind of character do you think your son showed when Mosley hit him in the second round and came back to dominate the fight?

"Look here, man. Say what they wanna say, my son took two punches. He took a whole lot of punches like a whole bunch of fighters have, but my son has took punches. He took punches from Chop-Chop Corley, he took punches from Zab Judah, he took punches from Shane Mosley. There's a couple more of 'em, I'm just saying that overall it shows you he can take a punch."

Was that the biggest punch he ever took?

"Probably was. Mosley's probably the hardest that ever hit him. He got caught with a pretty good punch from Maidana, too. Not Zab. Canelo was supposed to be a good puncher, but one thing about that, you can't hit what you can't see."

Ali vs your son, different eras, different styles, different fighters--

"Man, look here. I just told everybody, I'm a fan of Ali's. I like Ali. I got pictures at home I drew of Ali in my house. I'm just telling you, they're on my wall. I like Ali. Ali said what he wanted to say. He said he thinks Pacquiao beats Floyd. There's nothing wrong with Ali feeling the way he feels. There's some people that I got a problem with that like Freddie 'The Joke Coach' Roach. Them the kinda people I got a problem with. I ain't got no problem with no Ali. Me and Ali gets along good. I learned things from Ali."

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