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Kell Brook vents frustration: Khan-Algieri makes no sense

Kell Brook admits he's frustrated with the whole Amir Khan situation, and thinks the Algieri fight isn't worth a damn.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

The back and forth between Kell Brook and Amir Khan seems to be a never-ending saga that has gone on for years now. Ever since Brook picked up the IBF welterweight title, thinking that would give him the standing to demand a Khan fight, the war of words started heating up. When Amir Khan announced yesterday that he would be fighting Chris Algieri next, Brook wasn't at all pleased.

"If someone said to me you can get five million quid, a world title, fight at Wembley with a fight that every fan wants to see, it's a no-brainer for me," 28-year-old Brook told BBC 5 Live."

"He's fighting Algieri who didn't win a round against [Manny] Pacquiao, a feather puncher, not a big puncher. It doesn't make sense to me. I'm world champion, I'm calling him out, we want the fight, there's a word title and a bagful of money and it doesn't make sense that he's fighting this guy who's bringing nothing to the table."

All the banter between the two on social media and other media outlets have been a bit tricky to keep track of. Khan said that he would finally fight Brook after he gained a world title last year, but never seemed to make any real effort to make the fight happen. Brook called for a fight with Khan at Wembley this summer, Khan said he couldn't because of his religious practices. Brook said he would be closing the book on Khan for the year, looking towards bigger fights, and then went back to calling Khan out. Khan suggested a winner-takes-all fight with Brook, Brook accepted, but Khan then announced a fight with Cris Algieri. Khan is even now saying the fight with Brook will happen eventually, but who knows when eventually will ever arrive...It's all one big confusing soap opera.

"He's said he'll fight me before but when it comes to it, I don't get why he doesn't want to fight me. Yes (I feel frustrated), wherever I go it's always Amir Khan, when are you going to fight him? He's delicate around the whiskers, he knows I'm a big strong welterweight and he knows I'm coming for that chin of his," said Brook.

I say either make the fight happen, or don't and move on. It's definitely a good fight, and a big event in the UK, but there's no need to bicker back and forth if we're not going to see them settle it in the ring. But they will settle it in the ring...eventually.

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