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Gabe Rosado-Curtis Stevens press conference heats up

The presser ahead of tomorrows fight between Gabe Rosado and Curtis Stevens got pretty heated. Note: There are a lot of expletives that get thrown around in this presser.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

The press conference yesterday featuring Gabe Rosado and Curtis Stevens started off pretty normally, but quickly got heated. Gabe Rosado began by stating with unwavering certainty that he was going to knock Stevens out. Stevens responded at one point by saying that Gabe gets "f*cked up" in every one of his fights, which only served to add fuel to the fire at the presser.

Things eventually go so fired-up that Rosado also made a challenge to Shane Mosley, who is serving as Stevens trainer for this bout. Mosley didn't seem to like that too much and conceded that although they are two weight classes apart, that he would take the fight (but clearly a fight that won't ever happen). The worst part ended up being when the respective entourages started going back and forth, overshadowing the talk from the fighters themselves. Whomever was sitting next to Rosado (his trainer for this bout?) stood up and started yelling at Stevens entourage in the crowd. Things got so out of hand that they basically just ended the presser and Rosado and his trainer (?) walked off stage while continuing to yell at Stevens entourage.

At the end of it all, but not depicted in this version of the video, there was a smiling Kathy Duva (who promotes Stevens) seemingly gleaming at this whole blow up, knowing this controversy will only help sell the fight.

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