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Ishe Smith vs Cecil McCalla: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Ishe Smith and Ashley Theophane are in action tonight as Mayweather Promotions gets ready for Saturday.

Mayweather Promotions kicks off the fight weekend with a doubleheader tonight on ESPN2, a special Thursday night, pre-Mayweather vs Pacquiao edition of ESPN Friday Night Fights from the Palms in Las Vegas.

Ishe Smith (26-7, 12 KO) will look to bounce back from defeat again in the main event, as he faces Cecil McCalla (20-1, 7 KO) in a 10-round junior middleweight bout. The 36-year-old Smith, who briefly held the IBF 154-pound title in 2013, lost last time out to Erislandy Lara in December. McCalla, 30, is also coming off of a loss, as he was downed by Chris van Heerden in January at Madison Square Garden.

Ashley Theophane (37-6-1, 11 KO) will also be in action, facing Mahonri Montes (30-4-1, 21 KO) in a 10-round welterweight co-feature. The 34-year-old Theophane is another Mayweather Promotions fighter whose career might have peaked between 2010 and 2012, before he lost the British junior welterweight title to Darren Hamilton. His last notable fight was against Pablo Cesar Cano in 2013, which was also a loss. He has won four straight since then. Montes, 25, is a Mexican fighter on a lose one, win one streak over his last six fights. He won his last fight.

The show starts at 9:00 pm EST and Connor Ruebusch will be here with the live round by round call. There's sure to be some type of ESPN festivities for the big fight, too, which is the real reason this show is happening.


Ishe Smith defeats Cecil McCalla by Unanimous Decision (97-93 x 2, 98-92)

Ashley Theophane defeats Mahonri Montes by Split Decision (96-93 x 2, 96-93)



Round 1: McCalla starting off with the body jab and a healthy dose of feints. Smith fires back with a combo, but can't quite get past McCalla's shoulder. Smith lands a cuffing left hook, partially blocked, and they tie up. Triple jab from Smith, the last two landing, but McCalla comes back with the body shot. Another body jab, and McCalla misses big on a wild right hand. Two decent left hooks from Smith as we near the end of this round. 10-9 McCalla

Round 2: Smith coming out swinging to start this round, trying to punch around McCalla's bootleg shoulder roll defense. He gets in twice with the right to the body when McCalla slips the jab--if only he'd turn those knuckles over Ray Robinson style and do some damage to those ribs. Good combination from Smith there, the jab opened McCalla up, the right to the body got him to turn, and a left-right upstairs caught him clean on the chin. Another whipping right to the exposed side of McCalla. Smith misses with the right a few moments later, and follows up with a pair of hard hooks to the body. McCalla fires back with a hook upstairs, but Smith hits him right back. Hard right from Smith, and McCalla is on rubber legs! Smith pounding him, and McCalla is saved by the bell! 10-8 Smith, 19-18

Round 3: Smith starting off with a smart, obnoxious jab. McCalla really sells out on a looping right hand, and Smith slips it before countering with a right uppercut. Smith's doing a great job of getting angles when McCalla overreacts with his dipping, shoulder-rolling defense. McCalla gets backed into the ropes but manages to slip out of the way, even landing a decent counter right on the way out. Smith seems to have accepted the fact that he's not going to follow up on that fantastic last round--he's just winning this one comfortably. Three punch combination from Smith, and the right hand gets in. 10-9 Smith, 29-27

Round 4: Smith jabbing again, nailing that right to the body as McCalla leans away. Now McCalla gets in a nice counter uppercut, and a right hand after that, but Smith nails him with a stiff jab. McCalla with another showy miss, and he's starting to frustrate Smith a bit. McCalla lands a right uppercut to the beltline, and literally pushes Smith across the ring and into the ropes, earning a stern shake of the head from referee Tony Weeks. Smith nails McCalla with a big lead right, knocking his mouthpiece out, but McCalla smiles at him and responds by fighting back. Big right hand from McCalla to end the round. 10-9 Smith, 39-36

Round 5: McCalla throwing power shots again, but Smith slides out of the way. McCalla has started to counter the Smith jab with a nice body uppercut. He's landed that a few times in the last few minutes of this fight. Another big miss from McCalla, though, and Smith gets him with a counter uppercut. Now Smith is standing in front of the cornered McCalla and banging away at his guard. Nothing big gettting in, and McCalla's back in center ring. More nice overhand rights from Smith to bypass McCalla's shoulder. And a right to the body again; that's been a phenomenal punch for him in this bout. Now Smith overcommits on a right hand and it's McCalla with the counter uppercut, right to Smith's spleen. Smith flails away to end the round, and there was an uproar at the commercial break. Someone threw a punch after the bell, but I missed it! 10-9 Smith, 49-45

Round 6: Ishe Smith working behind his smart jab again--he's playing the bootleg Cotto to McCalla's bootleg Mayweather, sneaking past that shoulder from the opposite side and forcing miscalculated reactions from the counter-punching McCalla. Beautiful combination from Smith, landing to the body and finishing with a clean right upstairs. And again, jab-body right-body hook-overhand. He's coming low-to-high very well in this fight, and getting past that shoulder with ease. There's another hard left-right from Smith, and McCalla just seems to have taken this round off. 10-9 Smith, 59-54

Round 7: Smith is all jabs to start this round off. he's chasing McCalla around the ring with a long left lead, shooting it alternately to the chest and the chin. McCalla tries to get in after a jab with a heavy right, but Smith just steps into him and McCalla takes a shoulder to the chin. There's another hard right to the body from Smith. There's power in that punch, but again, he'd do well to turn the hand over and land with the knuckles. Gennady Golovkin and Roberto Garcia are two modern fighters who do that well. Decent right hand from McCalla to close the round. 10-9 Smith, 69-63

Round 8: McCalla is finally getting some work done with that body jab again. It was working so well in the first, it's a wonder he abandoned it wholesale until just now. There's a nice jab upstairs from McCalla, but Smith replies with a pair of uppercuts to the body. And again. McCalla lands that body jab again, and eats a Smith right hand before countering with an uppercut to the body. Another nice combination from Smith, but he misses the head punches this time. McCalla throws a right hand over Smith's shoulder now, and just barely clips him. Hard right to the ribs once again from Smith. Both fighters land decent left hooks before the bell. 10-9 Smith, 79-72

Round 9: McCalla's doing some decent work now, ramming Smith into the ropes with his shoulder and banging tot he body with the right hand. Smith isn't doing much to counter, but there he gets some space, double jabs and gets in with a nice left hook. Nice counter right from Smith there, off of a backward step as McCalla lunged in. Counter hook as Smith allows himself to be backed into the corner. McCalla is throwing decent punches, but he's wide open as he does it. Uneventful round, that one. 10-9 McCalla, 88-82

Round 10: Smith backing himself into the corner again. He seems content to counter McCalla at this point, even though he was having his best success off of the leads. There's a jab from him. Triple jab in fact, one high, one low, and a final one to the chin that snapped McCalla's head back. Smith in the corner again, and McCalla smothers himself by leaning right into his chest. Smith lands a counter hook, but McCalla steps back and gets in a pair of hard punches. Nice left hook off the body shot combo from Smith, and then... don't know what that was. McCalla got rough and seemed to wrestle Smith to the canvas there. Just a slip, and now Smith is coming on hard with McCalla's back to the ropes. Smith firing away to end this fight, landing thudding right hands over the top and wild left hooks. Ten seconds of brawling, and that was a very good, dominant performance from the often underwhelming Ishe Smith. 10-9 Smith, 98-91


Round 1: Theophane starts off as Theophane does, working behind a stiff jab. That's his best asset, and he's plugging away with it now, bopping the forehead of Mahonri Montes. Montes is doing a nice job of slipping some of these punches, but not really using his head movement to get inside very well. There's a nice slip and left hook to the body from Montes. Theophane with another stiff jab, but Montes slips the next one and counters with another left to the body--that's his best punch. Short little cross counter from Montes, and he seems to be getting closer and closer with his punches. Montes pushes Theophane bodily into the ropes but can't get off. now they break and Montes drives home a few body shots, but Theophane gets in some of his own. 10-9 Theophane

Round 2: Theophane starts off by obliging a brief in-fight. Montes gets in a left, but Theophane gets in one of his own. Now they're back at range, Theophane circling and sticking that jab out there. Montes can't seem to avoid it consistently, and the Brit's just plugging away, sliding back and forth and sticking out the jab. Another hard left to the body from Theophane. Right hand to the body pushes Ashley to the ropes. Montes eats a stiff jab coming in--lands a sort of candy cane punch to Theophane's kidney after they collide. Montes tries to get inside, and Theophane ties him up. There's a nice right hand from Montes, and Theophane thinks twice about standing close now. 10-9 Theophane, 20-18

Round 3: Montes starts off with a clean jab now, and a left hook over the top of Theophane's jab. He's much busier at the start of this round, and Theophane is suddenly having to move more and punch less. Counter right to the body from Montes, under Theophane's jab, and a left to the body after. Another left to the body, but he eats a jab this time. They trade left hooks, but Montes' seemed harder. Theophane comes back with some nice body shots inside, set up off the jab of course. Solid jab from Theophane, and Montes finally goes to work with Theophane's back on the ropes. Digging body shots from Montes, that should be enough to seal this round for him. 10-9 Montes, 29-28 Theophane

Round 4: Both fighters standing much closer together now. Theophane gets in with a sharp jab, but Montes is still just focused on hammering away at that body. He's got eight more rounds after this, so that might not be a bad idea, but he needs to bank some rounds, too. Montes slips Theophane's right to land the left hook to his outstretched right side--great counter. Theophane's jab not landing so much now--it's countered by a right hand there. Now it gets in, snapping back Theophane's head, but Montes rips another left to the guts of Theophane. Two nice body shots from Theophane--surprisingly he seems to have the advantage in the really close range, which is usually Montes' wheelhouse. Lead right misses for Theophane. Theophane trying to fake Montes out now--Mahonri's not buying it. He hurts Theophane to the body, ends the round with a clubbing left shift to the jaw. His best round yet. 10-9 Montes, 38-38

Round 5: Montes starts off by slipping a few Theophane jabs, and sliding under the last of the bunch for a right hand to the body. Theophane's not giving up on it, though. He doubles the jab and snaps Montes' head back. Now he lands a nice counter right with an audible thud. Montes corners him and digs two hard lefts to the ribs. Nice straight right through the guard from Montes, and he slips a whole series of Theophane jabs. Blocks one and nails Theophane with a right uppercut to the body. There's Montes' money combination--the left hook to the body and  the left uppercut upstairs right after. Theophane is really having to up his activity, but he's lacking pop on most of these punches. Montes eats a jab to land a short right. Catches three Theophane punches on his gloves. Montes trying to counter the jab now, but Theophane's doing a good job of staying out of his way. Montes ends the round with a successful counter, though--a right hand to the body under Theophane's outstretched left arm. 10-9 Montes, 48-47

Round 6: Good start from Theophane. He tags Montes with a hard right hand. 1-2 to the body from Theophane, nice counter right from Montes. Theophane responds with three sharp jabs. Hard punch on the beltline from Montes, but Theophane gets back with a 1-2 upstairs. Left hook-right hand from Montes against the ropes. Theophane steps in and lands to the body. Montes lands a right uppercut as Theophane dives into the clinch. He's looked for that puncha  few times now, and just landed it for the first time. Decent right over the jab for Montes--Theophane answers with a hard right to the ribs. Good comeback round for Ashley. 10-9 Theophane, 57-57

Round 7: Nice jabs to start the round from Montes, and he counters with his own snapping jab. Two hard body punches from Theophane after slipping under one of those jabs. The quality of his body work has really surprised me. Great throwaway hook and a hard right hand from Theophane. Another counter uppercut from Montes as Theophane tries to pull a Floyd Mayweather and roll under after a lead right. And again. Montes coming forward hard now, lands a left to the body and a right uppercut. Counter right over Theophane's jab, and a Montes 1-2. This is turning into quite the action fight. Now Montes finally gets some work done inside, stepping back with uppercuts as Theophane tries to work the body. Two nice stiff jabs land for Montes. Nice counter right, but Theophane clips him with the left as he steps out of range. Theophane ducks at the ropes, and dives belly-first into a Montes bodyshot, and there's the bell. 10-9 Montes, 67-66

Round 8: Theophane jabbing, Montes slipping most of them and sneaking in some short counters. Hard right downstairs from Montes, and now Theophane shifts to land a left to the belly. Another right on the belt from Montes. Stiff jabs from Theophane snap the Mexican's head back. Double jab and a neat right hand from Theophane that could've been a fight changer if it hadn't just clipped Montes' forehead. Nice counter left from Theophane when Montes tries to corner him and go to the body. Montes lands a really stiff jab that knocks Theophane back onto his heels. And another, but Theophane counters with his hook. Montes attacks the body, Theophane pivots and fires back. Both fighters bleeding from the nose now, Montes' face reddened from the Theophane jab. Big swings and big misses from the Mexican, and that's a Theophane round. 10-9 Theophane, 76-76

Round 9: Several stiff jabs from Montes to start, but Theophane answering with shots of his own. There's a nice counter right from Montes. Montes finally uncorks another combination, missing the first two but slipping Theophane with the final right. Theophane closes the gap and fires to the body--nothing serious getting through. Montes is pushing him back and trying to land to the head, but THeophane is slippery. Theophane winding up on some power now, and suddenly it's Montes with the straighter, shorter punches and some nice counters. Good right hand from Theophane--Montes replies with a stiff jab, eats a slapping left hook at the bell. Close round. 10-9 Theophane, 86-85

Round 10: Short right from Theophane and a lead right as they separate. He's landing some good power now, and having success with landing short shots and then suddenly creating space to punch long. Montes does some solid in-fighting now, but each time Theophane sneaks in at least one decent shot as he steps out. Vicious left hook from Montes, and Theophane may have been rattled by that. Theophane swinging to the body but catching mostly elbows and forearms. Now Montes gets in with s hard short right. Both men really turning up the volume in the final minute. Montes looking for the knockout, but THheophane knocks him back with a clean, powerful combination of punches to the chin! Ashley rolls under the Montes right and lands a counter hook, but Montes hits him and he's down! Theophane is on the canvas. He survives, and there's the bell. Wow! 10-8 Montes, 95-94

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