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Floyd Mayweather Sr: "Pacquiao's best performance was when Marquez stretched him"

Floyd Mayweather Senior had some interesting comments on the upcoming May 2nd bout between his son, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather's coaches joined the press for comments today. Floyd Sr, who is not only Mayweather's trainer but his father as well, had some choice things to say about the matchup.

"Freddie Roach is a joke with no hope," quipped Senior, doing his best Muhammad Ali impression in response to a question about some of Roach's more disparaging comments towards his son.

Both Roach and Floyd Senior have spent the better part of the pre-Fight camps spitting venom at one another, so this is nothing new. Both of them have, unsurprisingly, predicted quick, effortless wins for their fighters. When one reporter asked Senior about the style matchup, and whether it made for a more interesting fight, Floyd the Elder reponded simply "I don't think it's gonna be much of a fight," the implication being that Floyd will knock out the durable Pacquiao, scoring his first stoppage win since the controversial Victor Ortiz win in 2011. It's about as improbable as Roach suggesting a Pacquiao KO--but I'll take anything over the nothing we've heard from the fighters themselves these past few weeks.

SBNation's Luke Thomas asked Floyd Sr. one of the few truly interesting questions of the entire conference: "Which of Manny Pacquiao's fights do you think was his best performance?" And Floyd Sr., never one to miss a chance to spite his son's long-time adversay, replied: "When Marquez stretched him."

In other news, Floyd Sr. claims he would've beaten Sugar Ray Leonard if only he hadn't had a hairline fracture in his right hand.

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