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PBC on CBS - Stevenson vs Bika: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Adonis Stevenson faces Sakio Bika in the PBC on CBS main event this afternoon from Quebec City.

Amanda Kwok/PBC on CBS
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Adonis Stevenson will make the fifth defense of his light heavyweight crown this afternoon in Quebec City, as PBC comes to CBS for the first time. Live coverage will begin at 3:00 pm EST, with at least two live fights airing from the Pepsi Coliseum.

Stevenson (25-1, 21 KO) will be taking on former super middleweight titleholder Sakio Bika (32-6-3, 21 KO), a rough and tumble veteran who should never be totally counted out. Bika, 35, lost his last fight to Anthony Dirrell in August 2014, and drew with Dirrell in his prior bout in December 2013, but the Cameroonian-Australian never goes away easy, and is as tough a customer as they come. While some see this as another fairly weak defense for Stevenson, who has struggled to land major opponents while press rival Sergey Kovalev has fought Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal in his last two bouts, Bika might not be the easy foe some expect.

In the co-feature, top light heavyweight prospect Artur Beterbiev (7-0, 7 KO) looks to stay hot against former titleholder Gabriel Campillo (25-6-1, 12 KO). If time permits, a swing fight in the junior middleweight division will feature Julian Williams (18-0-1, 11 KO) against Joey Hernandez (24-2-1, 14 KO).

Live round-by-round results will be posted in the body immediately after every round, and you can follow along with our commentary and scoring by refreshing every three minutes or so during the fights, as well as join in the community discussion in the comments below.

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Round 1: Beterbiev with a jab to the body, and sticking his jab upstairs. Campillo blocking the shots and looking to jab back. Touching little jab in from Campillo. Right to the body from Beterbiev. Right hand and Campillo is hurt! Campillo takes a knee! Beterbiev looking to sharpshoot this thing down with half a round left. Twenty seconds go by and Campillo is surviving. A full minute and still surviving. Beterbiev with heavy shots upstairs, Campillo trying to pick those off but not throwing anything back. Beterbiev 10-8

Round 2: Beterbiev comes out jabbing again, and Campillo actually throwing punches back now at least. Jab from Beterbiev gets in, and a little hook glancingly lands. Right hand from Beterbiev. Campillo not throwing again, basically giving Beterbiev all the time in the world but at the same time not giving him any easy openings. Campillo flicks out a jab. Beterbiev sticking the jab in there again, then a hook to the rib cage. Stiff jab gets in. Campillo just can't find the beat here. Beterbiev with a straight shot to the chin. Campillo is, as Virgil Hunter puts it, an easy target right now. Beterbiev 10-9, 20-17

Round 3: Beterbiev unloading again about two minutes into the round, after two minutes of Campillo just trying to keep him at bay, and still not throwing much back. Beterbiev with hard body shots and a good right hand upstairs. Campillo backs down and survives again. And Beterbiev being patient. Right hand at the bell from Beterbiev. Beterbiev 10-9, 30-26

Round 4: Beterbiev going to the body again. Uppercut rocks Campillo's head back and he's hurt. HUGE RIGHT HAND AND DOWN GOES CAMPILLO! THE FIGHT IS OVER!

Verdict: Artur Beterbiev TKO-4

* * * * * * * * * *


Round 1: First half of the round is feeling out from both guys before Stevenson shoots a left hand, which Bika ducks and ties up. Stevenson clips him with a jab. Stevenson shoots another left, that one just wide as Bika was stepping in. Bika already getting a little dirty on the inside with a forearm at the break after they tie up. Bika goes wild and gets clipped. Clash of heads. First round was about what you'd expect. Stevenson 10-9

Round 2: Bika lands a good left hook that shakes Stevenson just a hair, but Adonis charges right back. Stevenson with a left hand. Stevenson poking with a jab from the outside, looking to bait Bika into a counter opportunity, perhaps, and trying to get him to drop his hands. Yeah, Stevenson looking for a counter left. Left to the body from Stevenson. Stevenson with another left hand upstairs. Another one gets in. Another one ducked. Stevenson 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Stevenson with an early left uppercut. Bika started to look more discouraged and Stevenson looking really confident and relaxed. Bika with a clubbing little right hand in close, but off balance and didn't get a lot on it. Another counter left from Stevenson. Bika charging forward a bit and gets a right in. Now he bullies Stevenson into the corner and looks to fire away, but Adonis ties him up. Bika with a good right hand with about 40 seconds left. Stevenson clips Bika with a counter left, Bika off balance late in the round. Stevenson 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Both guys swinging hard early in the round. Bika caught with a nice uppercut counter as he throws with Stevenson in the corner. Stevenson leads with a left, Bika blocks it high. Stevenson with another left hand that gets in. He's just doing the more consistent work. Body and head combo from Stevenson. He's working a lot more this round than he usually does. Bika might be looking to test his conditioning in the later rounds. Stevenson 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Stevenson has the look of a dominant fighter in some ways right now, but it is worth wondering how this goes if Bika keeps making him work and Stevenson doesn't get anything big in. And then Stevenson gets something big in with a clean left hand! Bika going down, and he grabs onto Stevenson and drags the champ down with him. Bika feigning some kind of anger like that was Adonis' doing. Bika is a hoot. Stevenson continues to tag him with clean shots. Stevenson now arrogantly clowning on Bika in there, dropping his hands, showboating, landing clean lefts almost at will. Stevenson 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Stevenson continues to dominate. He's fully in control physically and mentally right now. Of course, things can change at any time in boxing, but still. He's showboating and frankly, he can. Bika trying to get rough again. Heads clash. Bika bullying Stevenson into the corner, but Adonis ties him up. Stevenson is a little craftier than he gets credit for, I think. DOWN GOES BIKA on a left hand to the body! Another left, this one upstairs. And another clips him. Bika's trying to counter but he's not quick enough and doesn't have the footwork. Stevenson 10-8, 60-53 (Note: Replay shows it was the legs getting tangled.)

Round 7: Bika trying to get in close and rough it up again. Shots to the body with Stevenson on the ropes, but Sakio lets him slip out. Stevenson not doing quite as much this round, and that's because Bika is pushing him a bit more. But Stevenson still landing enough big shots. Right by Bika! HEY! He's alive! Stevenson 10-9, 70-62

Round 8: Bika roughing him up more. Not really doing a whole lot otherwise, but he's grinding this fight out quite a bit. HEY! There's a couple right hands from Sakio. Bika doing some work inside and I think he stole this round. The fight is mildly interesting now! Bika 10-9, Stevenson 79-72

Round 9: Stevenson coming out more aggressive to start this round, looking to shut down any potential Bika momentum, and landing some good shots, including clubbing body blows inside. Left hand and DOWN GOES BIKA for real this time! Bika gets out of the round since it's late. Stevenson 10-8, 89-80

Round 10: Bika still trying in this fight. Outclassed, but trying. Bika leading with his skull again. But Stevenson just continues the same work, and rather handily winning the fight. Bika can't be ignored, and Stevenson isn't ignoring him. Stevenson 10-9, 99-89

Round 11: Bika doing a bit of work here in the first couple minutes, Stevenson sort of on cruise control at this point, poking with his jab and occasionally throwing a left. Left hook from Bika. Right hand from Bika. Another right clips Stevenson. Bika caught with an uppercut, but he nicks the round. Bika 10-9, Stevenson 108-99

Round 12: Bika has three minutes to do something. Stevenson has three minutes to not have something done to him. Stevenson working to start the round, which keeps Bika's hands at home. Bika with a big right hand! Left from Adonis. Half a round left. Left from Adonis. Poking left from Adonis. A minute to go and Bika needs a home run. Right hand Bika again! Left hand Stevenson. Heads clash again with about 25 seconds left. That buys about 10 seconds. Stevenson with a small cut but obviously too late for that to matter. Stevenson with the Ali Shuffle and time runs out. Bika 10-9, Stevenson 117-109

Official Scores: 115-111, 116-110, 115-110, all for Stevenson

Verdict: Adonis Stevenson UD-12

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