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Amir Khan tries to sway public perception on Algieri fight

Amir Khan is giving his best effort to suggest why an Algieri fight is the right move for him, hopefully fending off the critics.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Look at that photo! Does that look like a man that would lead you astray?! Amir really can't understand the uproar over him naming Chris Algieri as his next opponent, and has since backed off on that stance by saying the bout isn't yet confirmed, despite his confirmation. Khan tells FightHype that Algieri is indeed a worthy challenger, but if you don't buy that reasoning, then this is just a business decision.

"Algieri fought Manny Pacquiao at 147 and he went the full distance with him. He's a very tall guy and he's got the body frame for a decent 147 guy, if it is him, so I don't know why they have Kell Brook saying, 'Amir's fighting easy opponents and is handpicking his fights,' trying to put me down. If Manny Pacquiao fought this guy just in his last fight and now he's got the fight against Mayweather, what does that say? That puts that pressure on me because now I have to do a better job than what Manny did," Amir Khan

If you ask me, that says Manny used Algieri as a holdover fight to get to Mayweather, not that beating him somehow earned him the right to face Floyd - a distinctive difference. But expecting that his previous argument would likely fall short, Khan brings up the justification about business, and I'd personally be happier if he just led with that rationale as opposed to talking up Algieri as if he's some real threat.

"On top of that, even though an Algieri fight is not confirmed, that fight would be on primetime TV in the U.S., and it makes me a lot of money. It's making me a lot of money and brings me a lot more exposure, so wouldn't I be stupid to say no to a fight like that? This is a business, that's one thing that people need to understand, and financially, if it is going to happen, it makes sense taking the fight against Algieri."

Ok Khan, go hit the jackpot with Chris Algieri...

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