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Golovkin picked Monroe Jr. to prepare him for all styles

Gennady Golovkin caught up with ESPN for a little Q&A ahead of his upcoming bout with Willie Monroe Jr.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

By now it's no secret that Gennady Golovkin, 33, is looking to keep busy in the ring and make the most out of his American push towards super-stardom. For him and his team, the best way to do that is to stay on your television set as often as possible so that they can further build his brand. Now seeking his 20th consecutive KO victory, Gennady says that his team purposely sought out a slick southpaw in Monroe so that he can learn to cope with any style of fighter.

"I think it's a little different for me because Monroe has a different style. He is a southpaw. It's very interesting for me. He has good speed and is a good mover. Remember, everybody who is a good boxer has a problem with southpaws. Canelo [Alvarez] did and [Miguel] Cotto had problems with [Austin] Trout. This is a new style and a new situation for me. I want to beat any style. This is a new step for me."

Gennady was also asked if he experiences any frustration about not getting top-name opponents in the ring with him, an idea he summarily dismissed.

"No, I understand my situation. I feel great. I know that I have time. Not a lot, but just time. I think the next step will be much better. Right now my focus is on Willie Monroe 100 percent. I have a big step to take and have four fights this year."

Finally - when asked about his family, specifically about whether or not he often takes his son to the gym with him, Gennady offered this short story:

"It's a bit different for me. His life is very easy. He is a boy. My life is very different. He likes games. But boxing is not a game, it's a fight. He can't understand yet. I remember I went to his kindergarten and his teacher called me and said, 'Gennady, nice to meet you. You are a professional boxer?' And I said yes and do you know me? She says, 'Yes, of course. Because your son comes in and there's a small fight outside and your son [raises his arms and] says, 'I am pound-for-pound champion and champion of boxing champion.'' And I told him, 'Son, please, this is not game, this is fight. Please stop.' Right now he finally understands and says, 'I like game, I don't like fight.'"

Clearly we all know and love the affable nature of Gennady, as well as his charmingly-broken English, but I think it should also be applauded that Golovkin is preparing himself for greatness - by getting accustomed to facing whatever style of fighter he has to. I suppose the real question is, with over 300 amateur fights and his red-hot streak as a pro, is there really any style that you believe poses a problem for GGG?

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