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Golovkin vs Monroe: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Gennady Golovkin returns tonight to face Willie Monroe Jr, with Roman Gonzalez taking on Edgar Sosa in the HBO co-feature.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 10 pm EST on HBO, middleweight destroyer Gennady Golovkin puts his WBA title and undefeated record on the line against Willie Monroe Jr, a sizable American underdog, in the headline fight of a doubleheader from The Forum in Inglewood, California.

Golovkin (32-0, 29 KO) has been smashing all comers for the last few years, and despite the fact that he's got a world title, the comers have been a bit limited. That means that one must give extra respect to Monroe (19-1, 6 KO), who is a major underdog and has by now seen Golovkin's fights, knows what he can do, but still steps up and takes the challenge.

The co-feature bout will see flyweight king Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez (42-0, 36 KO) take on former junior flyweight titleholder Edgar Sosa (51-8, 30 KO). Like Golovkin, Gonzalez is appointment TV no matter who he's fighting, but Sosa can fight, even if he's potentially in over his head.

We'll be here with live coverage of both fights, with round-by-round updates in this post. Join us!

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Gennady Golovkin defeats Willie Monroe Jr by TKO (0:45 of round 6)

Roman Gonzalez defeats Edgar Sosa by TKO (2:37 of round 2)

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Round 1: Big response for Golovkin here, he's definitely the crowd favorite as expected. "Triple G" chant. Monroe looking to jab outside from the southpaw stance, and move, also as expected. Monroe does know how to move. Left hand from Monroe, then he jabs and ducks out of the way. Golovkin misses a right hand. Golovkin starting to stalk, and clips Monroe with a right hand. Willie ties up. Left hook from Golovkin does land. Right hand from Golovkin after a left in close. He's cutting Monroe off nicely now, halfway into the round. Golovkin jabbing for a moment, Monroe moves again. Monroe with a body shot. Right hand from Golovkin, but Monroe rolled with that one and it didn't connect with any steam. Right to the body from GGG. There's a shot from GGG, but Monroe flurries his way off the ropes immediately. There's a shot from Golovkin. Monroe really not doing badly, but he's being outboxed here, as Kellerman just said. Golovkin 10-9

Round 2: Monroe poking the jab, three at a time to start the round. More movement, as Monroe looks to stay out of Golovkin's wheelhouse. Body shot GGG, then a left hook catches Monroe. Golovkin with a right, but Monroe avoids it and gets himself out of the corner. He's dOH SHIT a left hook and Monroe is down! Well, he's probably done. Monroe up and here comes GGG. GGG stalking, catches Monroe in the corner. Left hook lands, right hand lands, Monroe down again! Monroe has a minute to survive. Good uppercut from Monroe, and then a left gets in upstairs again. He's fighting. Right hand, left to the body, left again, right hurts Monroe again. GGG not going wild here, but looking to finish. Left to the body by Monroe, a little low. Hook from Monroe, he gets shaken again and the round ends. Golovkin 10-7, 20-16

Round 3: Monroe on his bike to start this round, might be hoping to get his legs back underneath him a little more. Left hook from Golovkin lands again. Uppercut from GGG, Monroe ties him up in the corner. Left hook to the body from GGG. Monroe slipping and fighting, you have to really respect this effort. Two body shots from Monroe, Golovkin back to the body, two more good shots to the body from Willie. Willie Monroe is fighting his ass off in there right now. Monroe slips the hook this time, but GGG connects with a right a moment later. Right hand pops Monroe's head back. He's got his legs back and doing pretty well, actually. GGG to the body. Right hand from GGG to the head. Another one lands. Left hook misses. Monroe to the body again. Golovkin 10-9, 30-25

Round 4: Toe-to-toe at center ring, Monroe lands a hook to the body and nice little left uppercut. GGG chops with a right hand. He's looking like he's trying to finish this thing with a home run right now. Monroe peppering Golovkin as he stays still again. Right hook from Monroe! Good, clean shots from Monroe! GGG calls him on! Golovkin standing his ground and this is a phone booth fight now. "oohs" and "aahs" from the crowd on several shots. Monroe pounding away at Golovkin, who catches him with a right hand, but Monroe is outworking him right now. Right to the body from GGG. Left hand from Monroe. This round is legit Barrera-McKinney-esque. Jab from Monroe closes the round, and I think he won this one. Monroe 10-9, Golovkin 39-35 (stats: Monroe 33/80, GGG 30/63)

Round 5: HARD left uppercut from GGG starts the round and hurts Willie a bit, but he hangs on and then WHAM a left hook, Monroe's knees dip all the way down, but he doesn't touch the canvas. Left hand from Monroe! Monroe firing back! Monroe with three good shots, and then a good left hand stings Golovkin again. Another one lands! Right jab from Monroe snaps GGG's head back. Uh, this here is a fight. Golovkin misses two uppercuts, but Monroe moving and backs himself to the ropes again. Right hand from GGG, left from Monroe, GGG nods and fires away! Monroe throwing punches off the ropes! Right hand Golovkin, and another. Monroe jabs and slips two shots, then clips a straight left. Golovkin 10-9, 49-44

Round 6: Another uppercut starts the round, and Monroe is hurt. Hook hurts him again, and then GGG drops him on an accumulation of shots. Monroe gets up, but says, "I'm done." Golovkin TKO-6

Round 7:

Round 8:

Round 9:

Round 10:

Round 11:

Round 12:


Round 1: Chocolatito gets a great response at The Forum. Feels like a fight crowd. You know, one with fight fans. Right hand from Sosa as Gonzalez cuts off the ring and waits for his chance to throw. Gonzalez shoots a left hook. Right hand from Roman, and then a shot to the body. Gonzalez wading in behind the jab, then fires a hook to the body. Sosa wobbled and pushed back, and Gonzalez landing clean shots now, right to the head, body shot, and Sosa slips on a push as Gonzalez is getting to work aggressively. Sosa puts a few shots together late in the round, a bit cautiously. Gonzalez with a thunderous hook. Big first round for Chocolatito. Gonzalez 10-9

Round 2: Sosa flicking a jab to start this round, with Gonzalez continuing to do what he does, cutting off the ring, making Sosa run himself into trouble. Right hand from Gonzalez clips Sosa on the chin, and Sosa lands a good uppercut. Jab, right hand, left hook from Gonzalez. Hard body shot. Right hand down the pipe snaps Sosa's head back. Body shot hurts Sosa, but he holds up and fires back. Sosa is doing everything he can but he's getting smashed. WHAM! Down goes Sosa on a right cross! A 1:15 left in the round as we continue. Another hard shot, and Sosa is down again! He's going to try to fight on, but he knows what he's up against. Hard right from Gonzalez, and another, and he's just RIPPING shots at Sosa now. Battering him against the ropes! Right hand Gonzalez! Sosa hang on, but he's down again and it's over! Gonzalez TKO-2

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