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Gonzalez vs Sosa results: Chocolatito smashes Edgar Sosa in two rounds

Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez brought the thunder tonight in his HBO debut.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Roman "Chocolatito" Gonzalez made his debut on HBO tonight, and the Nicaraguan flyweight star wasted no time in showing American fight fans what he can do, wiping out Edgar Sosa with three second round knockdowns for a TKO at 2:37 of the second frame.

Gonzalez (43-0, 37 KO) opened up on offense about halfway into the first round, and took Sosa (51-9, 30 KO) apart with precision punching, packing power to spare in both hands. Head and body, Gonzalez put Sosa on notice early, closing the round with a hard left hook, and the Mexican veteran came out for the second looking a little cautious, which was understandable.

Once Gonzalez hurt him on a body shot, the fight began to slip away. Gonzalez had already been beating him up again in round two, but the body shot clearly bothered Sosa, and if "Chocolatito" didn't smell blood already, he certainly did then. A right cross sent Sosa to the canvas, and he bravely got up to continue on against the vicious onslaught of his foe. With 1:15 remaining, it was going to be an uphill climb, but Gonzalez didn't even let him breathe, jumping right back on him and putting him on the floor for a second time.

With a bit of a smile, Sosa got up and decided to keep going, clearly knowing what the inevitable result would be, preferring to go out on his shield rather than giving up and staying down. Sosa gave what effort he had to give in an attempt to shock Gonzalez with something big, but it was in vain, as he was dropped a third time, which forced referee Raul Caiz Sr to wave off the fight.

Gonzalez, needless to say, was as advertised, and given this stage, came out and did what he always does, though more aggressively and impressively than usual, even. He went out to impress, and the Los Angeles fight fans at The Forum greeted him as a star. In the same building where Roman Gonzalez's mentor Alexis Arguello knocked out Ruben Olivares in 1974, "Chocolatito" made his shot at the big time count. We'll be seeing him again.

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