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Eden Sonsona stuns Adrian Estrella with second round TKO


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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Filipino fighter Eden Sonsona stunned Mexican prospect Adrian Estrella last night in San Luis Potosí, scoring a second round knockout to take the 23-year-old fighter's undefeated record at Auditorio Miguel Barragan.

The fight kicked off with Estrella wading in and Sonsona hitting him with a right hook that wound up turning into a forearm behind the head, with Sonsona's arm also pushing Estrella down. Referee Curtis Thrasher rightly ruled no knockdown. But Sonsona was swinging for the fences from the get-go, firing off powerful shots that Estrella was able to easily avoid. Estrella landed a couple of nice body shots with Sonsona continuing to swing and miss, but Sonsona did find a home for two wild left hands from the southpaw stance, and a right hook got in as well.

The raw aggression of Sonsona got Estrella to open up more as the first round went on. Though he'd shoot the jab out, he was looking to take advantage of Sonsona's negligent defense and reckless offensive bursts. That continued early in round two, when Sonsona caught Estrella with a right hook to the side of the head, almost the same as the first punch he threw in the fight, but this time landing cleanly and dropping Estrella for real.

Badly hurt, Estrella struggled to his feet and stumbled into the corner. Thrasher called the fight off as Estrella's knees buckled again. Official time was 0:27 of round two, with Sonsona (34-6-2, 12 KO) picking up easily the biggest win of his career. Estrella, who has wins over Celestino Caballero and Dante Jardon, is now 22-1 (20 KO).

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