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Manny Pacquiao: I just want to tell the truth

Manny Pacquiao insists that he's not a sore loser, but that Mayweather has no sense of fair play.

After hearing Floyd Mayweather accuse him of being a sore loser, and that being the reason he won't offer Manny a rematch, Pacquiao insists that he's just be forthcoming and honest with all his fans.

"I'm not a sore loser. I just wanna tell the truth so the people will know."

Manny then goes on to to say he: "fought in an uneven playing field where my opponent was in control of everything, inside and outside the ring."

I don't really know where to go with this. Floyd controlled the inside of the ring with his superior boxing acumen. Outside of the ring, Manny acquiesced to most of Mayweather's demands (which were mostly about money, drug testing, and top billing) so it seems silly to blame that after the fact. Manny even got to use the Reyes gloves he wanted, despite Mayweather's objections, so he really can't blame that either. I'm perfectly fine with him saying that he just wants to tell the truth about his injury, but this second part about an uneven playing field sure sounds like some sore loser crap. And to make matters worse, he offered another follow up statement on Mayweather:

"He's an astute fighter who doesn't have the so-called sense of fair play," Pacquiao said.

Again - I don't even really know this means but it sounds like more sore loser crap. Did Floyd fight him unfairly by using two hands instead of one? Or because he didn't stand still so that Manny could get off 7-10 punch combinations? I really have no idea what's going through Manny's head. Whatever it is, Manny went on to state that he was moved to tears when watching the replay of the fight in his hotel room afterwards.

"When I went back to my hotel, I reviewed the fight and I saw the people's reactions; that's when I cried because of the support of the people before and after my fight," he said.

"I was disappointed because I failed to give you joy."

How do you all feel about Manny's comments a few weeks removed from the fight? Is he just making matters worse with each passing comment, or does Floyd really have no sense of fair play?

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