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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

We're here: Floyd Mayweather faces Manny Pacquiao tonight. Join Bad Left Hook for live coverage of all three bouts.

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After five long years of build-up, the time has arrived. Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao is upon us. The Fight of the Century is tonight. They'll be in the ring. The bell will sound. The fight will be on. And Bad Left Hook is your place for live round-by-round coverage and discussion.

    Breaking down Pacquiao's underrated uppercut:

Mayweather (47-0, 26 KO) and Pacquiao (57-5-2, 38 KO) have been building toward this night for the last five years, but really for their entire careers. We've got two Hall of Fame shoo-ins, maybe the two best fighters of this generation, and certainly the two biggest stars of the post-De La Hoya era.

There's also a two-fight undercard, but it's not very appealing, if we're honest. Vasyl Lomachenko will open the show against Gamalier Rodriguez in a WBO featherweight title fight, and Leo Santa Cruz will take on unknown Jose Cayetano in the second bout of the broadcast.

Connor Ruebusch will be here with live coverage and immediate post-fight recaps for each bout. Sit back, relax, and then freak out. It's time.


Leo Santa Cruz defeats Jose Cayetano by Unanimous Decision (100-90 x 3)

Vasyl Lomachenko defeats Gamalier Rodriguez by KO at 0:50 of Round 9



Round 1: And there's the bell! Both fighters meet in center ring, and Floyd begins by sticking with his jab. Big right hand from Mayweather misses the mark. Left hand to the body from Pacquiao. Counter uppercut from Floyd catches Manny on the chest. Pacquiao coming out low and aggressive, targeting straight punches to the body so far. Pacquiao extends the jab, and Floyd lands a good counter right hand on Pacman's jaw. Low blow from Pacquiao, and they're already fighting at a very slow, Mayweather pace. Vicious counter right from Mayweather--audible impact on that one. Pacquiao sneaks in a soft left to the face, and they clinch to end the round. 10-9 Mayweather

Round 2: Pacquiao starting very, very aggressively, taking the risk of flinging himself into Mayweather with a pair of left hands. Nothing big landing, but there's a jab from Mayweather. Now Pac corners FLoyd and bangs him with some jabs and right hands in the corner. Roar from the croawd as Pacquiao gets busy in the corner. Making Floyd miss with some of his right hands now, but not getting in much of his own. There's a decent right from Pacquiao as Floyd finds himself backed into the ropes, but Floyd circles out. 10-9 Mayweather, 20-18

Round 3: Pacquiao coming out very aggressive, getting Mayweather flinching with jab feints. A hard left to the body from Pacman, and then one from Mayweather that went a little low. Mayweather lunges forward and runs right into a ramrod Pacquiao jab. Note: we are experiencing technical difficulties, so play-by-play will be limited till they are resolved. 10-9 Pacquiao, 29-28 Mayweather

Round 4:

Round 5: Mayweather immediately starts working his way back into this fight after losing the momentum basdly in the last round.

Round 6: Manny jabs and blocks Floyd’s first counter right of the round. Vicious left hands to the guard of Mayweather, but he lands a right hook to the body. Really throwing with ill intent here, and he gets in a straight left to the jaw as Mayweather retreats. Crushing left straight to the collarbone of Mayweather, and Floyd misses with his counter. Floyd is really holding Pacquiao in the clinches whenever they tie up. Pacquiao gets FLoyd with a wide left hand, and Floyd is forced to lay on the ropes yet again, holding up his gloves but absorbing body shots in the process. Floyd tries to get back with the right hand, but Pac blocks it. Right to the body now, and Pacquiao fires a counter uppercut. Now Pacman lunges in and lands the left downstairs. 10-9 Pacquiao, 57-57

Round 7: Floyd's father and Leonard Ellerbe were incredibly unhappy with Floyd in the corner. Ellerbe actually asked Floyd "What's wrong with you?" at one point. Not a good sign for him. Pacquiao lunges and misses with a few punches. Mayweather lands with a good counter right to the chest and knocks Pacquiao off balance. Mayweather reaches on a right hand. Floyd is managing to slow the pace of this fight once again. Hard jab from Pacquiao. Perfect 1-2 for Pacquiao knocks Mayweather back onto his heels and drives him to the ropes. Another left hand to the chest. And a hard left uppercut to the belly. Counter jab from Pacquiao. Pacquiao may just have won this round on the strength of that last minute, but it was close. 10-9 Pacquiao, 67-66

Round 8: Slow start to this round. Pacquiao lunges in and misses with a left hand, then a left hook. But then, back in center ring, Pac lands a short left. And now a hard straight left to the chin of Mayweather. Floyd looks to be bleeding badly from the mouth or nose. Solid left uppercut to FLoyd's body. Mayweather is taking too much time off here. He may be tired--movements coming more slowly now. Body jab from Mayweather. Pacquiao steps in with a jab and eats a picture perfect counter right. Mayweather is putting serious sting behind his shots in this fight. Solid left hook from Floyd, and he seems to be building momentum. Mayweather jabbing now--a rarity in his southpaw fights. Pacquiao counters a Mayweather counter with his left hand to the stomach. Manny ends the round chasing after Floyd. 10-9 Pacquiao, 77-75

Round 9: Pacquiao rushes Mayeather into the ropes but can't land cleanly. Almost eats a counter right and flails wildly in a counter attempt, landing little but a pair of cuffing shots after they tie up. Nice straight left from Pacquiao to counter the Mayweather jab. Manny whiffs on a lead left and eats a Mayweather right hand. Tries to lunge in again and Floyd shoves him back. Mayweather sticks Pacman with a sharp jab as he tries to get work done against the ropes. Counters the Pacquiao left with his own right, glancing off of Pacquiao's head. Glancing lead right from Floyd. Pacquiao lunges in with a body shot, and stings Mayweather with a right hook right after. Now Mayweather responds with a brutal counter right when he tries to follow up. 10-9 Mayweather, 86-85 Pacquiao

Round 10: Floyd leads first, missing with his classic left hook. Pacquiao feinting and jabbing again, lands a left hand to the gut and a follow-up that seems to catch Floyd just under the chin. Pacquiao tries to jab his way again, but eats a glancing counter from Floyd. Mayweather lands the lead right, but Pacquiao gets back with the counter hook. Pacquiao runs Mayweather into the ropes, but can't get much done. Mayweather moving around a lot more now. Piercing left hand to the beltline from Pacquiao, and there's a nice left hand to the chin. Tries to reengage, and ends up sliding under Mayweather's right hand and into a clinch. Pacquiao lads the jab and slips the inevitable counter right. Floyd tries his check hook at the bell. 10-9 Pacquiao, 96-94

Round 11: Floyd runs out of the corner and  swings a killer right hand at Pacquiao's head, followed by a thudding left hook. I haven't seen Floyd go after an opponent with punches like that in some time. There's another hard right from Floyd that missed. Pacquiao looking for the uppercut, but Mayweather glides under it. Pacquiao with the body uppercut and a missed right hook. Floyd countering once again after that early gambit. Pacquiao struggling to land as Mayweather learns his movements. Good left hand to the body from Manny Pacquiao. Floyd stops Pac's advance with a sharp lead right in center ring. Manny feints his way into the corner, flurries without getting anything in, and eats a Mayweather right at range. Left hook from Floyd, and he's taunting Manny with his hands at his waist now. Pacquiao bangs his gloves together as Mayweather runs away, and Floyd answers in kind. 10-9 Mayweather, 105-104 Pacquiao

Round 12: Mayweather slinging straight punches to keep Pacquiao from closing the gab. Pacquiao gets him with a glancing jab. Mayweather blocks the lead left, and pivots out of the corner away from the incoming Pacquiao hook. Manny touches Floyd's chin with a sneaky lead left. Good left hand to the body from Pacman. Pacquiao closing the distance more and more, but Mayweather continues to spin out of the corners and avoid danger. Both fighters feinting and fighting cautiously now. Mayweather really hustling to get away from Pacquiao now, and Manny stings him with a jab. Mayweather seems to think he's got this in the bag. He's barely punching back at Manny, just making him miss. 10-9 Pacquiao, 115-113 Manny Pacquiao


Round 1: Santa Cruz starting of stalking and landing the jab. Left hook to the body, and Cayetano clubs him with a right hand over the top. Cayetano really swinging hard here, and that's probably his best bet. Cayetano doing a surprisingly good job of moving backward and pivoting from side to side, though eating shots in the process. Santa Cruz drives him into the ropes, and lands two hard right hands, covering up as Cayetano tries to counter. Nice uppercut too, and Cayetano escapes the corner. Santa Cruz puts him right back in it, and hammers the body with a left hook. Two sharp rights from Santa Cruz. Cayetano swings back and finds only air. Now Cayetano switches to southpaw, which always strikes me as a desperation move, but he manages to get in a hard right hook from that position before the bell. 10-9 Santa Cruz

Round 2: Cayetano lands a neat little left shift--old school! But Santa Cruz is right back on him, and lands two vicious rights as Cayetano once again finds himself backed into the corner. Good combinations from Santa Cruz now, a right hand and a left uppercut that lands right after. Now he goes head-body and lands both shots cleanly. Cayetano fires back with a nice hook, and Santa Cruz peppers him with the jab. Great body shot from Santa Cruz, and a straight right that sends him careening into the ropes. Cayetano's tough, though, and he gets back with a counter hook. Santa Cruz lands three consecutive rights to the gut to end the round--and I expect him to attack that opening relentlessly next round. 10-9 Santa Cruz, 20-18

Round 3: Cayetano starting off southpaw, and Santa Cruz immediately attacks with the lead right, landing twice. Solid uppercut to the guts from Cayetano, but now he's cornered again and getting battered in the corner. What heart, though. Santa Cruz lands a perfect right hand, and eats two glancing counters for his trouble. Another long right hand to the chin from Santa Cruz. There's another one of those right body shots he landed at the end of the second round, and he's starting to fold Cayetano in half. Counter left hook to the chin of Cayetano, and he doesn't even seem shaken. Impressive. Two more hard rights, and another. Cayetano is getting battered in the corner, but keeps returning fire. 10-9 Santa Cruz, 30-27

Round 4: Santa Cruz very busy with the jab to start this round. And the first right hand he puts behind it lands perfectly, snapping Cayetano's head back. Good left hook to the body after a messy exchange, and Cayetano dropped his right arm for a moment. Could be hurt. Now he's gone southpaw again, and Santa Cruz is going after the body, but Cayetano just keps throwing back. Nothing big landing--not much at all, in fact--but man oh man is he tough. Thudding right hand from Santa Cruz. Left hook to the body and then the right hand again, both landing clean. Cayetano waits, and tries to counter Santa Cruz's next shot with the uppercut. 10-9 Santa Cruz, 40-36

Round 5: Cayetano fighting lefty once again, but Santa Cruz still lands power shots. Now Santa Cruz goes southpaw! And lands the left straight down the middle. Santa Cruz bangs the back of Cayetano's head and earns a warning from the ref. Another straight left right after, and Cayetano falls back into the ropes, but bounces right back and escapes to center ring. Santa Cruz back to his normal stance now, and he quickly gets in with a jab-cross-body hook combination. Two more hard body shots, but Cayetano remains unfazed. Massive punches landing for Santa Cruz now, thudding audibly into the bone of Cayetano's jaw, and he barely blinks. This man is iron! Rusty iron, but hard all the same. 10-9 Santa Cruz, 50-45

Round 6: Cayetano's corner demanded that he start throwing with conviction, so let's see if he follows instructions and tries to war with Santa Cruz. Leo is certainly fighting aggressively, but not landing much so far. Glancing straight right to the body. Nice stiff jab from Cayetano. Santa Cruz corners him yet again and hammers his body twice with the right hand before taking it upstairs. Santa Cruz starting throw more single shots now, and Cayetano takes the implied invitation by countering with a nice right hook. More brutal body blows. Santa Cruz goes liver-jaw with his punches and lands. And again. And again. Cayetano might be tough, but his corner ought to think about stopping this. 10-9 Santa Cruz, 60-54

Round 7: Santa Cruz really looking for the knockout now. Even his jab is thudding into Cayetano's chin, and he lands a lead right after with similar effect. Santa Cruz lands a nice backstep hook after colliding with Cayetano. Santa Cruz goes back to the body, and now he's throwing nonstop, hammering Cayetano with right hands to the head, and yet Cayetano fires back. No quit in this underdog. Santa Cruz rips Cayetano's body with another liver shot after faking the right hand. They end the round trading. 10-9 Santa Cruz, 70-63

Round 8: Santa Cruz starts with a renewed body attack, slipping the Cayetano cross and countering to the liver. Hard lead right from Santa Cruz. And another body shot. Cayetano continues to counter, but he's really not getting in much, and what he does land has very little power in it. Santa Cruz paws with his right hand, looking for Cayetano to open himself to the body shot. And when he doesn't Santa Cruz throws the hook to the head instead. He's very crafty with his offense, Santa Cruz. There's a nice counter uppercut from Cayetano, but he's just stuck in the corner with Santa Cruz right on the edge of range, constantly stepping in to blast him. Body shots to close the round for Santa Cruz. 10-9 Santa Cruz, 80-72

Round 9: Santa Cruz comes forward yet again, and corners Cayetano with little difficulty. Hard left hook from Santa Cruz there, perfectly placed on Cayetano's jaw, and the Mexican takes it with a smile. Santa Cruz folds Cayetano up a bit with a sneaky left to the pit of the stomach. Cayetano moving a lot now, trying to stay away from Santa Cruz and letting him chase his heart out. It starts to work a bit, too, as LSC overreaches on a right hand and runs belly-first into a hard uppercut. And there's a counter left landed under similar circumstances, but Santa Cruz pounds away with punches to get his momentum back. 10-9 Santa Cruz, 90-81

Round 10: Did anyone think we'd be reaching the tenth frame in this one? Cayetano moving again, but Santa Cruz is upping the intensity. Now he bowls Cayetano into the corner with some punches, even though they were blocked. He's throwing hard. Santa Cruz virtually running after Cayetano now, but throwing enough volume to keep Cayetano from getting off with any counters. Cayetano seems determined to last the distance now. He's not throwing back anymore, just moving and evading. Santa Cruz stings him with a hard punch but he slips away once again. They end the bout trading, with both men landing. 10-9 Santa Cruz, 100-90


Round 1: Slow start from both fighters. Lomachenko seems to be pushing the action--what action there is--while Rodriguez fights off the back foot and measures with his jab. Overhand right from Rodriguez hits glove, and a nasty left hook to the body gets in behind it. Very solid punch. Lomachenko shoots the straight left and Rodriguez looks for a counter underneath it. Another overhand from Rodriguez looked like it landed. Crisp straight left for Lomachenko and they tie up. Lomachenko throws a combination now, but Rodriguez defends very well. Body uppercut from Rodriguez is countered by a right hook upstairs from Lomachenko. Very good round for the Puerto Rican. 10-9 Rodriguez

Round 2: Lomachenko coming forward more aggressively now. Nice straight left to the bread basket from the Ukrainian, but Rodriguez gets back with a right hand of his own. Rodriguez is doing a great job of sliding under Lomachenko's left so far, and he does so again, getting in with a counter hook to the body. Two hard body shots from Lomachenko after making Rodriguez miss on a combo, but Rodriguez sneaks in two uppercuts to the beltline. Robert Byrd warning Rodriguez to keep his punches up--I'm not sure how low they were. Lomachenko working his brilliant jab now, and he pops Rodriguez's head back with several in a row. Rodriguez with a great combination--left hook-right hand-body hook--all landed. 10-9 Rodriguez, 20-18

Round 3: Lomachenko busy with his straight punches, just touching Rodriguez and trying to measure him. Rodriguez yanks his head down with a missed hook and follows up with a nice left to the liver. Sharp 1-2, but Lomachenko counters with a great uppercut. And another sharp left from Lomachenko now. Rodriguez trying to measure with his own jab, and as Lomachenko rolls under it Rodriguez bashes his ribs with a right hook. Lomachenko uses some of his patented footwork to land a pair of lefts on ROdriguez's jaw. And there's a great left uppercut to the body. Lomachenko starting to pick up the pace. Another angular step from the Uikrainian, he gets countered, but comes back with two clean punches to the head. 10-9 Lomachenko, 29-28 Rodriguez

Round 4: Rodriguez told his cornerman he might have a problem with his hands between rounds. He's definitely flagging now, and Lomachenko is getting in with hard punches. Straight left from the Uikrainian, and then a great right hook that catches him circling. Byrd warning Rodriguez again. Counter jab from Lomachenko as Rodriguez's punches start coming slower and slower. Vasyl's jab really is a thing of beauty, and now Rodriguez is getting desperate to close the range. Lomachenko counters him off the back foot with small, subtle steps. Hard right hook from Lomachenko, and he won that round easily. 10-9 Lomachenko, 38-38

Round 5: Lomachenko looking very fresh, while Rodriguez's punches are coming very slow. There was a hard low blow from Rodriguez, and Byrd takes a point, after giving him a final warning earlier in the round. Rodriguez comes back and keeps going to the body nonetheless. Brilliant inside counter left from Lomachenko, but Rodriguez responds with a decent left hook. And another, sneaking right over Lomachenko's guard. Sharp jabs from Lomachenko, and he spinds around Rodriguez to land a punishing body blow. Now Lomachenko really coming on, banging Rodriguez relentlessly and knocking him off balance. Jabs, pivots, left uppercuts. He's playing a very pretty game now. 10-8 Lomachenko, 48-46

Round 6: Lomachenko using a lot of shifting, rocking movement to draw leads out of Rodriguez. Rodriguez just cannot close the distance now, and Lomachenko's spearing him with the jab every time he tries. Lomachenko pivoting left and then right, giving Rodriguez tons of angles. Lomachenko gets hit low, and does it right back! Big improvement since the Salido fight, in which he allowed Salido to low blow him without repercussion all night long. 10-9 Lomachenko, 58-55

Round 7: More right hand wizardry from Lomachenko at range. Two snappy jabs and then a sharp right uppercut. Decent right hand from Rodriguez there, and then a wide right to the body. Brilliant six punch combination from Lomachenko, working angles and sneaking in hard punches every time Rodriguez turns to catch up with him. Hard left to the body, and that hurt Rodriguez. He's desperately covering his liver now. Rodriguez takes a knee a few seconds later, and beats the count. Lomachenko charges after him after the reset, and hits Rodriguez with another vicious left hand to the body. Gamalier is crafty though, and he survives to see the 8th. 10-8 Lomachenko, 68-63

Round 8: Rodriguez catches a lucky break as Byrd has some of the grease removed from Lomachenko's face after the bell. That should give him time to rest and recover from that liver shot. Lomachenko taking more massive angles, the kind you only usually see in demonstrations against passive, unresisting partners. Rodriguez is so slow to pivot with him, Lomachenko gets off two or three punches before he can reguard. Another low blow from Rodriguez--though I wasn't sure about that one--and Byrd takes another point from the man who is already impossibly behind on the scorecards. Lomachenko seems to delight in making Rodriguez miss, and he's just enjoying his own defense now. Peppering Rodriguez with jabs and dancing around him. There was a vicious punch, though! Rodriguez ties up Lomachenko's arm, and Vasyl blasts him three times with the free hand--there's another professional style addition to his game. 10-8 Lomachenko, 78-71

Round 9: Two more crushing lefts to the body from Lomachenko to start this round--more to the solar plexus than the liver. Rodriguez resists, but he goes down on a right hook moments later, and decides not to get up until just after ten. Knockout victory for Lomachenko, and a flawless performance.

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