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Froch begins negotiations with Golovkin for Wembley showdown

Negotiations are underway to hold an interesting and bankable fight between Carl Froch and Gennady Golovkin at 168lbs.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Gennady may finally be on the verge of the big fight he's been looking for. ESPN reports that negotiations are now underway to hold what would surely be a crackin' fight between Carl Froch and Gennady Glolovkin at Wembley Stadium. The fight would take place at 168lbs, meaning that Gennady would be making his first foray into the super middleweight division.

"If I fight Golovkin I will back him up, take what he's got and beat him up," Froch said in the Daily Mail.

This is an interesting quote seeing that Froch's own promoter, Eddie Hearn, said that there would have to be big money on the line to make this fight happen, as Carl knows what he would be up against and wouldn't take this fight just for laughs. Eddie Hearn comments on the negotiation process:

"I've now spoken with Carl directly about this and he is interested. I only want him to take it if he's genuinely motivated because it is a high-risk fight.

"But it would be massive and we can fill Wembley again. Given Carl's interest, we have already opened negotiations with Golovkin's people and they are very keen."

It's been unclear as to whether Carl Froch would fight again or ride off into the sunset following his knockout of George Groves last year, but there could be potentially be enough money here to persuade Carl to go through with this. Eddie Hearn himself hadn't been thrilled with the prospect of this fight, but has since said that Froch has changed his feelings about the fight.

"Golovkin is the most feared fighter in the world now and Carl doesn't need this fight. But he says he is intrigued by how he would deal with him. He's crazy that way."

If this fight comes off, you can bet it'll grab the steadfast interest of the boxing world. It's the classic case of the unstoppable force (Gennady's fists) meeting the immovable object (Froch's jaw). Of course Froch isn't such a bad puncher himself and Gennady appears to have a good set of whiskers too - so maybe it's the other way around. It doesn't matter - just make it happen!


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