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Mayweather vs Pacquiao: Floyd Mayweather plans to relinquish all titles

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Floyd Mayweather is coming off the biggest win of his career, but says he's going to give up all his title belts.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather dropped a big surprise during tonight's post-fight press conference, announcing that he will be giving up all five of the title belts he holds on Monday, just two days after beating Manny Pacquiao.

"I think Monday I'm gonna relinquish all my belts," Mayweather (48-0, 26 KO) said. "My last fight may not be a championship fight."

Mayweather currently holds the WBC, WBA, and WBO welterweight titles, as well as the WBC and WBA junior middleweight titles. He is also considered the lineal champion in both weight classes.

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe added, "It's about giving the younger guys an opportunity. Floyd's been in the sport almost 20 years. There's a number of young up and coming fighters. It's about giving younger fighters the opportunities. He's accomplished everything in the sport. What more can he accomplish?"

Mayweather clarified that while it may not be Monday, he indeed does seriously intend to give up his belts, echoing Ellerbe's reasoning.

"I don’t know if it’s Monday, probably in a couple weeks. Other fighters need a chance," he said.