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Canelo vs Kirkland: HBO 24/7 (Full Episode)

Canelo Alvarez faces the unpredictable James Kirkland this Saturday on HBO. "24/7" takes a look at the fighters before they clash.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

HBO's "24/7" is back with a look inside this coming Saturday's World Championship Boxing showdown between Canelo Alvarez and James Kirkland from Houston's Minute Maid Park. Alvarez, of course, is the star, a Mexican champion who is looking to stake his claim as the money king of the sport in the near future. Kirkland has a new team around him as he looks to reinvigorate a stalled and often troubled career.

Let the golden pipes of Liev Schreiber take you away:

"At 24 years of age, Saul Alvarez is best known simply as 'Canelo,' the latest heir to a storied Mexican tradition. The alluring combination of a figure adored for who he is and a boxer respected for the way he fights, now renewing his search for a pinnacle worthy of his popularity.

"James Kirkland's career has evolved on a very different course. He was once surrounded by hope he could become the next great American champion, with raw power anchoring an imposing arsenal. But personal demons have shadowed a promising ascent, and left him searching to piece back together what once engendered so much potential.

"They are opponents well-served for one another. The luminary looking to vanquish a most legitimate source of danger. The outsider hoping for the most dramatic of ring resurgences. And two fighters well-versed in not just what it means to be a star, but what it takes to stay one."

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