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Broner-Porter rumored for June 20th

Reports are that Adrien Broner will likely be matched-up with Shawn Porter for a PBC event on June 20th.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

According to RingTV sources, Adrien Broner will likely make his next outing against hard-hitting Shawn Porter on a June 20th PBC card. If this fight does happen to come off, it would prove to be an interesting match-up on multiple levels between two marquee names in Al Haymon's stable. For one, this would be a real tough fight for both men. Secondly, it's a little unexpected (at least to me), being that Porter campaigns at welterweight and Broner has seemed to find a comfortable home below the 147lb limit. It's also an interesting style clash between a fairly slick and flashy boxer-puncher in Adrien Broner and a hard-punching grinder in Shawn Porter.

As it so happens, both Broner and Porter are coming off wins in the new PBC series. Broner easily got through John Molina in an extremely uninspired performance from Molina, and Porter pretty-easily stopping late-sub Erick Bone. Some speculate that the winner of this bout could conceivably get a ticket in the Mayweather lottery, but it seems like a bit of a long shot to me.

I will say this though, if this fight does actually come together, I'll be the first to give Haymon some props for putting together competitive fights between his top fighters. How do you all like this fight? And assuming, just for the sake of argument, this fight gets made at a catchweight of 144lbs, how do you see a fight between Broner and Porter playing out?

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