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Friday Night Knockout - Tapia vs Soro: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Glen Tapia and Seanie Monaghan return to action tonight on truTV.

Mikey Williams / Top Rank
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Top Rank's Friday Night Knockout is back for a second episode tonight at 10 pm EST on truTV, with Glen Tapia taking on Michel Soro in a 10-round junior middleweight main event from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Tapia (23-1, 15 KO) has won three straight after a crushing loss to James Kirkland in December 2013, teaming up with trainer Freddie Roach before his return last year. Soro (25-1-1, 15 KO) is a 27-year-old fighter from Côte d'Ivoire, now fighting out of France. He's gone 7-0-1 since a 2012 loss to Zaurbek Baysangurov in Ukraine.

Light heavyweight Seanie Monaghan (23-0, 15 KO) will be in the co-feature, a 10-round fight against Cleiton Conceicao (20-6-2, 16 KO). Monaghan has fared well at the club level, and the 33-year-old is a solid draw in New York. Conceicao, 35, is a Brazilian fighter with nothing notable on his record other than his losses.

We'll be here tonight with live coverage of both fights. Join us!

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Michel Soro defeats Glen Tapia by TKO (2:10 of round 4)

Seanie Monaghan defeats Cleiton Conceiçāo by unanimous decision (98-92, 98-92, 99-91)

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Round 1: Tapia comes out fast, throwing shots right away. Tapia shooting power shots and Soro moving out of the range. Tapia touching Soro a bit, not much more in the first minute and change. Soro doing less. Tapia corners Soro, throws to the body, but not a lot landing. Body shots again from Tapia, Soro retreats after landing a decent counter shot. Cornered again, and now Tapia lands a right hand upstairs. Soro gets his gloves high and moves out of the corner. Tapia with a body shot. Long right from Tapia, doesnt land flush. Clearly the home fighter's round. Tapia 10-9

Round 2: Nice combination shots about a minute in from Soro, as he's looking to feed off of Tapia's aggression. Soro jabbing, and he's controlling the pace of this round, staying in the center of the ring, Tapia not quite as aggressive as he was to start the fight. Probably a good idea. Soro catches him with a right coming in. Two shots from Soro. Soro walked to the ropes, and Tapia unloads on the body, partially hitting the elbows. Definitely liked Soro in this round. Soro 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Soro smacking with a left hook again to start this round. Tapia with a right hand to the body. Two more really good body shots from Tapia, and he's focusing on that more. Soro peppers upstairs, shots blocked, and Soro hits the body. Tapia back to the body. This is a fun body-punching show. Soro tattooing Tapia with crisp counter shots to the head. Tapia pounding to the body again, but Soro doesn't mind taking these shots on the elbows on the ropes, either. Soro with an uppercut. Soro 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Tapia looking to jab a little more in the first minute of this round, that's a lot more effective for him and helps him to cut down on the effectiveness of Soro's jabbing, too. Tapia misses a three-punch combination, but Soro not countering either, and activity is activity if the other guy isn't active. Tapia poking the jab, shooting to the body. Soro with a left hook and a clean right, and now he's hurt Tapia! Tapia wobbling all over the ring! Soro keeps going, Tapia going down, referee doesn't get in there, and Soro keeps firing. IT'S OVER! Michel Soro TKO-4


Round 1: Monaghan has his fans in attendance. Conceicao is apparently fighting to decide whether or not he'll ever fight again, which seems really promising. Monaghan shoots a left hook to the body right away, and is stalking pretty aggressively, throwing power punches. Hard right hand lands upstairs, but not quite flush. Monaghan jabbing, Conceico circling outside. Body shot from Monaghan. Right to the body, left upstairs, partially blocked. Conceicao doing nothing offensively. Conceicao does open up, and gets hit with a body shot for his troubles. Monaghan blocking the hook from Conceicao, Monaghan right to the head, again partially blocked, really loading up on that shot. Straight right from Monaghan just misses. Conceicao hurt with a body shot late in the round and he's backing down again. Monaghan 10-9

Round 2: Conceicao throws a couple shots early, but Monaghan comes back and lands a good right, going to the body some. Monaghan with another right hand, and then a left hook to the body hurts Conceicao, as he ties up right away. Conceicao throws three shots, all blocked by Monaghan. Another left to the body pushes Conceicao back late in the round. Monaghan 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Monaghan has a small cut over his right eye due to a clash of heads, corner tells him to watch Conceicao getting reckless. Monaghan with a right to the chin, now putting the pressure on and Conceicao ties up when he gets stung to the body again. Conceicao trying to target the cut, not having a lot of success. Monaghan with a clipping left hook that catches Conceicao wide open after missing a shot. Conceicao with a left up top to the side of the head. Conceicao tying up again. Conceicao stung again, ties up again. He's throwing here and there, but tying up every time he takes a decent shot. Monaghan 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Monaghan keeps the pressure on, Conceicao keeps clumsily clinching, Monaghan not slick enough to do much about it other than get hugged. Monaghan wings to the body again, lands the left. Conceicao lands a good left hook near the cut on Monaghan's eyebrow. Monaghan with a right to the head. Another one lands clean. Monaghan smacking at the body when Conceicao ties him up again, so at least he's doing that now. Conceicao with a couple good body shots. Monaghan with a left to the body, Conceicao clinching again. Monaghan 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Monaghan continues to whack away. Boom Boom Mancini gave the last round to Conceicao, he may be right, who knows? Who am I? Who are ANY OF US? Monaaghan keeping closer quarters on Conceicao this round, cutting off the ring a bit better. Body work is nice. Conceicao catches him with a shot, but Monaghan eats it and stays in close. Monaghan pushes him back with a left hook, a bit of a stumble, probably more off balance. Monaghan bleeding from the cut just a bit. Right hand from Conceicao clips Monaghan on the side of the head. Right hand from Monaghan, almost a shove as he overshot it a bit, and then a shot to the body. Monaghan 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Body work again from Monaghan. Right hand from Conceicao catches Monaghan. This fight has settled into a pretty comfortable rhythm. Right hand Monaghan, left to the body. Conceicao flicking shots out that seem to have absolutely no effect on Monaghan. The damage is all coming from Monaghan, not that it's exactly devastating. Monaghan 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Conceicao in survival mode, according to Mancini. I think he might be right. He's at a point where he's clearly not going to win. He can't hurt Monaghan, he can't keep the pace up. But hey, he's fighting after I say that, landing some decent shots. Good right hand from Monaghan with about 30 seconds left in the round. Pretty close round before that, that probably gives Monaghan the lead heading down the stretch, and he's stalking to close it out. Monaghan 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: Monaghan continues to follow Conceicao around, landing more, working more. Uppercut from Monaghan stings Conceicao a little. Monaghan stumbles back with his feet tied up and runs into the referee. Conceicao with a nice shot to the body. Two more. Conceicao suddenly putting some pressure on. Left hook and more consistent body work from Conceicao. Conceicao stuns Monaghan with another left upstairs. He's landing the better shots this round overall. Monaghan trying to steal the round late, but Conceicao ties him up after making him miss a few. Conceicao 10-9, Monaghan 79-73

Round 9: Monaghan working the body, left hand shot upstairs and Conceicao ties him up. Conceicao RIPPING to the body and loading up with massive right hands upstairs. Monaghan hurt and stumbling into the ropes, but he survives it and hangs on. He might still be a little woozy, though. That was a huge, sudden attack from Conceicao. Left hook ducked by Monaghan. Monaghan with a hook to the head, and Conceicao may have punched himself out. Both guys looking tired this round. Monaghan coming back and hurting him with body shots. Right hand from Conceicao is wild and slow. Left hook from Monaghan shakes Conceicao. Fun round. Conceicao 10-9, Monaghan 88-83

Round 10: Conceicao may have thrown what he had left in round nine. First half of the round is two guys not doing a lot. If Conceicao isn't pressing, Monaghan has no reason to take risks. Conceicao with a right hand upstairs for the first significant shot of the round. So that might help. Monaghan's right eye closing up on him. Conceicao picks up the pace again. Good shots to the body from both guys. Conceicao taking another round pretty comfortably. If he'd gotten going earlier, this fight could be an argument. Conceicao trying to hammer away to end it, but Monaghan hangs on and survives. Conceicao 10-9, Monaghan 97-93

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