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ESPN Friday Night Fights results: Mansour tops Dawejko to earn Unanimous Decision win

Amir Mansour and Joey Dawejko battled to a ten-round decision in Philadelphia tonight. Get the full results here.

Amir Mansour and Joey Dawejko may not have delivered the slobber knocker we expected from them in the main event, but the tactical battle of punchers that ensued was very entertaining nonetheless. Dawejko (14-4-2, 7 KO) surprised early by winning several rounds with his good jab, impressive defense, and sharp counter punching. Conditioning seemed to take over down the stretch, however, and it was Mansour (22-1, 16 KO) whose lungs carried him to the final bell, winning all of the last four rounds and ending the fight with a comfortable lead. Curiously, Buddy McGirt told Dawejko that he didn't need a knockout to win before the final round. Fortunately, the judges were watching the same fight as the rest of us, and gave Mansour a well-deserved win over a surprisingly game opponent.

Amir Mansour defeats Joey Dawejko by Unanimous Decision (96-94, 98-92, 97-93)

Bad Left Hook scored it 97-93 for Mansour

David Gonzalez and Ryan Belasco filled out the middle portion of the card, in a bout that was unremarkable except for the wonky scorecards. After getting the first fight of the night more or less spot on, two of the judges inexplicably gave Belasco (18-6-5, 3 KO) the draw after he clearly lost four rounds to Gonzalez (5-0-2, 1 KO). Granted, there's only a single round of difference between those two cards and the 58-56 of Steve Weisfeld, but as usual Weisfeld's card was on the money, and the rounds all seemed very clear to me.

David Gonzalez and Ryan Belasco go to majority draw (58-56, 57-57 x 2)

Bad Left Hook scored it 58-56 for Gonzalez.

DeCarlo Perez and Jessie Nicklow opened up the televised card tonight, and turned in some entertaining if notparticularly competitive action. Nicklow (24-6-3, 8 KO) started strong, even rocking Perez with a hard right hand in the first round, but quickly faded as he found himself walking through a hail of jabs and uppercuts in his constant and increasingly futile attempts to close the distance. Perez (14-3-1, 5 KO) dominated the remainder of the fight to win a comfortable decision.

DeCarlo Perez defeats Jessie Nicklow by Unanimous Decision (79-73 x 3)

Bad Left Hook scored it 78-74 for Perez.

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