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Amir Khan takes veiled PED shot at Kell Brook?

Amir Khan accuses someone of being a cheater on twitter. That someone is generally suspected to be Kell Brook.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Amir Khan took to twitter yesterday for a curious post, one which many believe is aimed at domestic rival Kell Brook.

Much of the speculation that this was directed at Brook is derived from the fact that Brook's friend and stablemate, Kid Galahad, was just recently issued a two-year ban for testing positive for steroid Stanolozol after his last fight -- well, that combined with the fact that Khan and Brook can't help but take swipes at one another at every given opportunity. Both Khan and Brook fought and won their respective matches over the weekend and routinely lambaste each other in the media, social and otherwise.

Whether or not there is any credence to this twitter accusation (or so it appears anyway), is really anyone's guess. But it looks as if Amir was conscious enough to not directly name the person he was referring to, in order to avoid any potential litigation. My only real question is does this tweet, if actually directed at Brook, serve Amir any benefit other than to piss off Brook (which may be satisfying enough for Khan)? I'd simply suggest settling it once and for all in the ring so we can end this longstanding soap opera.

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