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Froch-GGG negotiations cooling off

Gennady is willing to travel to England to face Carl Froch in a huge fight, but with Froch still undecided on retirement, their talks have been cooling off.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

As much as it pains me to write this, Dan Rafael of ESPN is reporting that the negotiations for a fight between Carl Froch and Gennady Golovkin are cooling off. Rafael cites Gennady's K2 promoter Tom Loeffler who essentially says that since Froch is still undecided on whether or not he'll keep fighting, they have to start exploring their other options.

"Eddie [Hearn] says that Froch hasn't decided yet if he is going to fight or not, so I am checking all other options to see what is the best one for GGG. Hopefully, we should have something more firm in the next couple of weeks."

This could prove to be a bummer since the proposed fight was so well received by fans, but we'll have to see what other options K2 can come up with. Oscar De La Hoya has been pretty vocal recently, saying that he wants to take on Golovkin if he makes his comeback. Now's his chance to step up to the plate.

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