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Live streaming results and round by round coverage: Wilder vs Molina, Walters vs Marriaga

Deontay Wilder faces Eric Molina in the main event of a four-fight bill on SHO and SHO Extreme, while Nicholas Walters and Felix Verdejo are in an HBO doubleheader.

Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME

Tonight we'll have dual live coverage of the Showtime and HBO cards beginning at 7 pm EST. Here's the full rundown of what we'll be covering.

9:00 pm EST, SHO
Deontay Wilder (33-0, 32 KO) vs Eric Molina (23-2, 17 KO), heavyweights, 12 rounds
Jose Pedraza (19-0, 12 KO) vs Andrey Klimov (19-1, 9 KO), super featherweights, 12 rounds

10:00 pm EST, HBO
Nicholas Walters (25-0, 21 KO) vs Miguel Marriaga (20-0, 18 KO), featherweights*, 12 rounds
* Walters missed weight for the fight
Felix Verdejo (17-0, 13 KO) vs Ivan Najera (16-0, 8 KO), lightweights, 10 rounds

* * * * *


Nicholas Walters def. Miguel Marriaga by unanimous decision (117-110, 118-109, 119-108)

Deontay Wilder def. Eric Molina via TKO (1:03 of round 9)

Felix Verdejo def. Ivan Najera via unanimous decision (100-88, 100-88, 99-89)

Jose Pedraza def. Andrey Klimov via unanimous decision (119-109, 120-108, 120-108)

Dejan Zlaticanin def. Ivan Redkach via TKO (1:24 of round 4)

Julian Williams def. Armen Ovsepyan via TKO (2:43 of round 6)

* * * * *



Round 1: First minute passes with a couple flicked jabs from Wilder. He connects on a right that Molina doesn't respond well to, and Molina has done nothing so far. Another one stings Molina with about 35 seconds left in the round. Molina tense in the corner. He did zilch apart from a decent uppercut at the end of the round. Wilder 10-9

Round 2: Molina boxing (so to speak) for the miracle shot, which is to be fair the only potentially effective strategy, even if it's not going to happen. Wilder starting to sit down on punches this round, but not landing clean. Wilder's jab is sharp. Molina swings a WILD right that clips Wilder, but Deontay just takes it. Wilder 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Hey, uh, Eric Molina is hurting Wilder right now. He stung him once and rocked him good on a left hook. Wilder lands a decent right and goes back to his jab. Wilder did better in the final minute but this was a Molina round for me. Molina 10-9, Wilder 29-28

Round 4: Wilder still very cautious with his approach, has been most of this fight. But Molina's not leading the action either, and when he doesn't, it's kind of Wilder's fight by default, because he's going forward and flicking out some jabs and a couple rights. BAM! Molina finally gets caught and goes down at the end of round four! He's up and the round is over. Wilder 10-8, 39-36

Round 5: Crowd is RABID for Wilder and want the knockout this round. Molina hurt and turns his back, Deontay chases and throws, Molina down again just over a minute left in this round! Molina says he wants to continue. Reiss warns him not to turn his back. 50 seconds to go and Wilder is springing for the finish. Molina running and down again. Reiss counting. Round ends with Molina on his feet. Wilder 10-7, 49-43

Round 6: Molina's legs look OK and he's coming forward now, going to the body on Wilder and JUST misses an uppercut again. Left hooks connecting for Molina, but not a lot on them anymore. Stiff jab from Deontay. Wilder with a long, flat hook that connects. Molina clubbing away with right hands that aren't landing, but damned if he's not trying to do something. Right hand from Wilder, left hook just misses after it. Left hook connects and Molina is hurt just a bit again, but he hangs on. Jab from Wilder. Left hook right hand from Wilder. Clubbing right inside by Wilder. Another round goes by. Wilder 10-9, 59-52

Round 7: Wilder throwing big shots to start this round, but not landing clean. Molina is kind of surviving here and lands a body shot. Molina gets stung again and he's holding now. The Molina corner thinks Wilder is getting tired and they may be right, but he's winning still. Wilder 10-9, 69-61

Round 8: Molina is really digging to Wilder's body, and he's landing shots to the head now, too. Wilder really is pretty tired. A few rounds ago he had his corner take the top off the water bottle to get more water. Molina round here. Molina 10-9, Wilder 78-71

Round 9: Wilder catches Molina with a big shot, Molina goes down like a sack of potatoes, and Jack Reiss stops the fight. Deontay definitely finished in style. Wilder TKO-9


Round 1: Pedraza, a righty, comes out southpaw to start this fight, and tags Klimov with a combination of shots a little over a minute into the round. Pedraza backs Klimov into the corner and throws, but Klimov gets out of there without taking real advantage. Jab from Pedraza, and he takes the first round solidly. We'll see if he stays southpaw, and if he does, if Klimov can adjust and get his jab going. Pedraza 10-9

Round 2: Pedraza moving nicely in this fight and lands some good shots, including a straight left to the solar plexus that seems to hurt Klimov late in the round. Klimov gets out, but might have been lucky the bell came there. Pedraza 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Klimov lands a shot, but Pedraza responds with a combination of shots. Pedraza has stayed in the southpaw stance pretty much the entire fight so far, and it's worked well for him. Klimov just can't get off much, but he did a bit more this round. Not enough. Pedraza 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Pedraza's done a really good job of controlling the distance in this fight, and Klimov has done a really poor job of ... most things. Heads clash a bit and that stings Klimov for a moment. Pedraza's body work hasn't been pronounced but has been effective. Even when Klimov occasionally gets a shot in, it's just the one, and then Pedraza moves and takes the lead again, but this was Klimov's best round. Pedraza 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Klimov inching back into the fight even more this round, having some more success, landing a couple right hands and finally throwing a left hook. I think he did enough this round. Klimov 10-9, Pedraza 49-46

Round 6: Pedraza comes out orthodox this round, which excites Klimov and gets him off to a fast start. Klimov has a lot more openings with Pedraza as a righty, and he's getting a lot busier this round, picking up the pace yet again from the fifth, which picked up the pace from the fourth. Pedraza picks up his own pace this round, throwing and landing plenty of shots, and going to the body. Klimov's left hook has become the weapon. Best action fight of the round. Pedraza 10-9, 59-55

Round 7: Klimov gets his nose bloodied early in this round, and Pedraza is really digging in on the inside now, mixing in some good uppercuts. Klimov getting battered this round, body shots are wearing him down, and the uppercuts landing to the head are rocking his head around, too. Right to the body, uppercuts and hooks to the head. Klimov having a tough round here. Pedraza fluidly spins southpaw and smacks Klimov around some more. This was a huge round for Pedraza. He really damaged Klimov. Pedraza 10-9, 69-64

Round 8: Pedraza does not come out aggressively here, perhaps looking to take an easy round after that pummeling in the eighth. Klimov also moving a lot more, not staying in the pocket for Pedraza to beat up on him. Now with just over a minute left in the round, Pedraza goes southpaw again and starts to pepper him with shots. Right hand counter from Klimov. Pedraza did enough good work in the last minute of this round to outweigh anything effective Klimov did in the first two. Pedraza 10-9, 79-73

Round 9: Pedraza again taking it easy in the first part of this round, at his corner's advice, as we got to hear between rounds this time. Paulie thinks they're trying to bait Klimov into taking a risk and getting himself back in trouble. A minute left in the round and either man can steal this one, not that it matters much at this point. I dunno. Pedraza 10-9 out of lazy habit, 89-82

Round 10: Pedraza not taking any unnecessary risks (or any at all) and Klimov isn't giving him much anymore. Pedraza seems he's content to go ahead and cruise the rest of the way to his first world title, and in some ways it's hard to blame him, but I̴̙͕̥̙̫̭ͅ ̴͖̪̝͕̱̬ͅW̧͙̝̼͉͈͚̻͍̙͝͡A̵̧̝̗͞N̨̜͚͝T͙̣͍͚͔͕̦͕̕ ̶̖͍͔̮́B̯͞L̵̛͍̤͓̥̖̞̙̻̩͘O̷̻̠͎͈͓͟Ǫ͟҉̩͉̳̻D͏̨͓͔̹̼͈̺̪. Pedraza 10-9, 99-91

Round 11: This is academic at this stage, Klimov isn't really trying to win and Pedraza has been instructed to take no risks. It's been a good performance for Pedraza, so at this point I'm not going to criticize what he's doing. It makes sense. Get the belt, then you've got some leverage. Pedraza 10-9, 109-100

Round 12: Klimov a little more aggressive this round, Pedraza doing nothing, really. Klimov not actually achieving much but he's "doing more," in a sense. Pedraza slips, about a minute left and that's the real highlight of the round. Pedraza throwing his hands a bit more in the final minute to leave the fight on a decent note. Pedraza 10-9, 119-109


Round 1: Zlaticanin looking really good in the first two minutes of this fight, landing hard body shots that seem to hurt Redkach, and landing clean upstairs, too. This is a great first round for Zlaticanin and outside of being knocked down or out, this was about as weak a start as Redkach could have had in a step-up fight. He got tagged, hurt, and blatantly grabbed and held throughout. Zlaticanin 10-9

Round 2: Redkach being sternly warned for holding already, which is nice to see a referee enforcing the actual rules. Zlaticanin still in control but Redkach landing some shots of his own this round, too. Redkach's right to the body has become his main weapon. Slapping hook upstairs from Redkach gets around Zlaticanin's guard. Zlaticanin back to the body, and he takes the round, though it was certainly more competitive. Zlaticanin 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Boy, Redkach is terrible at holding with any subtlety whatsoever. Dude is diving at Zlaticanin’s waist. Decent little scrap before a nasty low blow from Zlaticanin, then a clash of heads sends Redkach to a knee, and the doctor takes a look at what is supposedly a cut but I can't see any blood. Redkach a little more aggressive in the final 18 seconds and he takes this round. Redkach 10-9, Zlaticanin 29-28

Round 4: Redkach down a minute into the round on a big left hand! He bounces up and takes the eight count, but Zlaticanin is going for the finish. Redkach pushed to the corner, Zlaticanin throwing like Tommy Lee at the paparazzi, and it's over! Zlaticanin TKO-4


Round 1: J-Rock drops Ovsepyan in about 45 seconds, hand touching the canvas, and after that just continues to smash him. Ovsepyan warned to show something with about 1:20 left in the round. Williams drilling him with body shots that put Ovsepyan on his bike. There's a minute left still. Williams picking him apart now, taking his time. He threw a surge of punches but didn't get the stoppage. This is a 10-7 even with just one knockdown. Williams 10-7

Round 2: Ovsepyan hurt about 30 seconds into the round again. Williams landed 36/56 power shots in round one, compared to 2/10 for Ovsepyan. Williams taking his time still, which is generally his manner. He's landing when he throws. Williams easily winning the fight still but I'll give Ovsepyan the 9. Williams 10-9, 20-16

Round 3: Williams has settled down into his usual pace and is casually whacking away at Ovsepyan, who has no answers. Williams 10-9, 30-25

Round 4: This is an unentertaining mismatch at this point, as Williams isn't going for anything anymore (though he may still), and Ovsepyan is ill-equipped to present any danger. Williams 10-9, 40-34

Round 5: Williams tags him with a good right hand immediately to start the round. After that it's more of Williams chipping away at Ovsepyan's defenses, and the tone is the same. Williams 10-9, 50-43

Round 6: Williams working away, working away, and Ovsepyan is hurt and in trouble with about 40 seconds left in the round. His legs are gone and the referee steps in with 19 seconds remaining in the round. Referee made a good call. Williams TKO-6

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