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Roy Jones schedules two fights, two weeks apart

Roy Jones says he taking it back to the old school where fighters used to fight multiple times a month.

Chris Hyde/Getty Images

As Roy Jones, 46, awaits a cruiserweight title fight with Marco Huck, a fight he says has been promised to him, he plans on keeping busy and sharp. Well, really about as sharp as this version of Roy Jones can possibly be. Jones had already been scheduled to fight Danny Santiago (33-7-1, 19 KOs) on August 29th in Sint Maartin, but has now added an August 15th fight to his schedule at the Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut. The opponent for the Aug. 15th bout is to be determined.

Most, if not all, boxing fans recognize that Jones is long past his dominant reign as pound-for-pound king and it seems he's mostly continuing to fight for the novelty of it (though Roy will tell you it's because of his competitive nature). A lot of the concerns over Jones' continued career stem from his diminishing physical attributes combined with a number of brutal knockout losses, the most recent of which took place several years ago from Denis Lebedev. And these weren't your typical run-of-the-mill knockouts either, Roy has literally been put to bed more than any grown man should.

But Jones has won seven fights since then, all against low level opposition, and still has the confidence that he can compete at the upper-level of the sport.

"What makes me think I can do it? I know I can do it," Jones said. "That's how good I feel and how good I think I am. I want to stay busy, and I love when the opportunities came up. This opportunity came up to do the two fights. It reminds me of old-school boxing when guys fought every few weeks.

"Fighting two or three weeks apart, if I can, I want to do it because I want to keep on going as long as I can. Can't nobody tell Roy Jones when to start, and nobody can tell Roy Jones when he should stop. Roy Jones is going to do what he wants to do, and I am enjoying myself in the ring and I am going to get back where I want to be."

Jones has been itching to grab hold of a cruiserweight title for a little while now and says that if the Huck fight doesn't come about, he still wants to challenge one of the other titleholders in the division. One has to wonder how long Roy can really carry on...

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