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Mike Tyson coming out of retirement to fight James Toney?

The rumor mill is swirling, and there's word that a Tyson-Toney fight is in the making. Let's hope not...

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

I've heard a couple rumors about this recently, but now that they seem to be picking up steam I might as well dish the dirt. Word has it that Mike Tyson will be coming out of retirement to fight James Toney in what would surely be an undeniable spectacle (for better or for worse, most likely worse). A source close to James Toney tells Ellie Seckback that the fight is nearly 90% done, regardless of how unimaginable that is.

Tyson hasn't fought in 10 years since losing to Kevin McBride by TKO. Toney is still somewhat plugging away, despite not having fought in a year-and-a-half when he lost a majority three-round decision to Jason Gavern. If this fight were to actually happen, somehow, could either guy even go more than three rounds? Oh brother...

In the Seckbach video, Gabe Rosado was also present to hear the "news," and offered a succinct reaction.

"People gonna talk shit, but people gonna watch regardless," said Rosado.

"I love both of them. Those are real fighters. At the end of the day, James Toney, [he's] definitely one of my all-time. He's definitely on my top 5, and Mike is one of the best."

Even if the fight is supposedly 90% done, I'd be willing to bet there's still a 90% possibility that it falls through anyhow. But let me ask you all, even if you're disgusted with the premise of the fight, how many of you would still tune in to see it?

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