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Arum: Golovkin fighting stumblebum after stumblebum

Bob Arum thinks Golovkin should move to super middleweight where there are big fights to be made.

Bob Arum doesn't think much of Gennady Golovkin's resume and believes he has pulled the wool over HBO's eyes. In this video interview by Luis Sandoval of FightHype, Arum says that Golovkin, due to impeccable promotion, has HBO executives mesmerized - allowing him to fight a bunch of stumblebums.

Arum goes on to say that as long as HBO is willing to pay Golovkin good money to fight these stumblebums, there's little incentive for him to move up to a much deeper 168lb division where there are some big fights to be made. During the same interview, but in another video clip, Arum suggests that Gennady move up to 168lbs to face his fighter, Gilberto Ramirez. Arum says Golovkin is no match for Ramirez and that they'd be willing to make the fight in 'two minutes.'

Gilberto Ramirez is an undefeated 23-year-old prospect of sorts who already has 31 fights under his belt. But despite Arum's contention that Gennady is no match for Ramirez, it should be noted that Ramirez hasn't faced any top flight competition thus far in his career.

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