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Fox Sports 1: Golden Boy out, PBC in

Al Haymon's PBC series finds yet another outlet on Fox Sports 1 as it replaces Golden Boy.

Elsa/Getty Images

Well this news certainly won't encourage Oscar De La Hoya to drop his lawsuit against Al Haymon. It's being reported that Golden Boy's contract with Fox Sports 1 has not been renewed and will end this month, despite having been the home for Golden Boy Live cards.

"We have had interest from a number of English-language television stations -- beyond our existing extensive work with HBO -- to put on Golden Boy fights," Golden Boy spokesman Stefan Friedman told

"Television programmers, fans and the boxing family all know that we are committed to putting on fights that match the best with the best. The market for such action is robust and we will be back in short order with news of additional TV options for fans."

Despite the PR spin, what's really taking place is that Al Haymon's PBC series will now be replacing Golden Boy's spot on FS1, adding to his list of affiliated networks (NBC, NBC Sports, ESPN, Spike TV, Bounce TV, and CBS). The start of PBC on FS1 is expected to begin this summer, though it's unclear at this time whether or not this new Haymon deal is another time-buy. But let's just say that if the boxing business was a game of Stratego, Haymon appears to have most of the opposing pieces off the board.

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