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De La Hoya: I'm never coming back

Oscar took to Instagram to respond to Floyd Mayweather offering him a rematch, saying that he's done fighting for good.

Aaron Davidson/Getty Images

Oscar built up some buzz when he appeared on a radio show saying that he thinks about making a ring comeback every single day. He even went on to continue his campaign by telling TMZ that he wanted to fight Gennady Golovkin. But when Floyd Mayweather heard about Oscar's supposed intentions of coming back to the sport, he quickly offered him a rematch.

"Oscar ... He's coming back," Mayweather said in an interview posted by BlackSportsOnline on Wednesday. "I mean if he wants to, we can rock 'n' roll in the same gym. ... He said he wanted a rematch, so if Oscar wants it, he can get it."

Oscar isn't interested though, 'thanks anyways', and took to Instragram to post a response to Mayweather (while wearing an ugly shirt).

Split decision...

A video posted by Oscar De La Hoya (@oscardelahoya) on

In the clip above, Oscar says that he had a rematch clause with Mayweather during their 2007 fight that had to take place within a year, but Mayweather instead opted to retire for a year-and-a-day. Now Oscar says he's never coming back! Great Oscar, stay retired, what do we care? I mean, it was only you who started pitching the idea of a comeback publicly.

Side Note: Since we're talking about comebacks that aren't happening, I should also mention that the rumored Mike Tyson comeback against James Toney has also been debunked and won't be happening. No one is coming back. Absolutely nobody (except for maybe the White Walkers).

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