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Errol Spence lobbies for Keith Thurman fight

Errol Spence say that he's ready for a fight with Keith Thurman this fall.

A lot of people started hearing Errol Spence's name buzzing after he gave Floyd a nice little shiner in sparring as Floyd was heading into his fight with Robert Guerrero. That should say at least something about Spence, as he was able to inflict more damage on Mayweather with headgear on than Guerrero was able to do through 12 rounds without it.

As fast rising welterweight prospect, Spence already feels that he'd ready to step up to the elite level and is asking for a fight with Keith Thurman, which he hopes can happen as early as September. Mayweather seconds the notion, saying that his personal experience with Spence shows him that Errol is ready to compete on the highest level.

A fight between Errol Spence and Keith Thurman is a really interesting bout between two young fighters, and just might be the toughest test of either of their careers (depending on how you rate Robert Guerrero). Floyd thinks the fight between Spence and Thurman would make a great undercard bout on his September card and I say make it happen. It's a great match-up on paper and would be hard for me to really pick a decisive favorite. These are the kind of fights that boxing needs.

What do you think about a potential September fight between Spence and Thurman?

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