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PBC on NBC results: Shawn Porter hands Adrien Broner second loss

Shawn Porter was able to out-work, out-land, and out-fight Adrien Broner tonight, scoring a big win on NBC.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Shawn Porter doesn't talk the big game of Adrien Broner, but tonight in the ring, he backed up the little he did say in the bulid-up to Las Vegas' "Battle of Ohio," largely dominating the fight with Broner and winning a unanimous decision at the MGM Grand.

Porter won on scores of 114-112, 115-111, and 118-108. BLH had it 117-109 for Porter.

It was an ugly fight, made so mainly by Broner, who was happy to clinch, hold, grab, run, and forearm. After far too many blatant fouls, referee Tony Weeks finally took a point in the 11th round, well after it had been warranted. Broner, sensing he was losing, came out strong in the 12th, and dropped Porter on a wicked left hook early in the round. Porter got up, collected himself, and was able to make it out of the fight, securing the big win.

Porter (26-1-1, 16 KO) was able to use his jab and some notable body work to land shots on Broner (30-2, 22 KO), even when Broner was clearly trying to avoid any confrontation.

"That's how you beat a great fighter, intelligently. We did everything we needed to do in preparation. We wanted to establish our jab, establish that we were the better boxer," Porter said to NBC's Kenny Rice after the fight. "Honestly, my dad wanted a quicker pace. If I had listened to him a little bit better, I would have fought a little better. This is a great fight for us, a great win."

His father and trainer, Kenny, felt that his son did quite well, obviously. "It was a very good performance. AB put on a great performance as well. He showed what a champion does when he caught Shawn with that shot. Shawn showed a champion's heart when he came back."

Broner was somewhat indifferent in defeat, nodding his head and clapping for Porter when he was announced the winner, and simply brushed off the loss.

"I'm OK, my kids OK, I'm financially fine, and it was a good fight, I'm OK," Broner said. "At the end of the day, great champions can take a good loss, and great champions takes a good win like they take a loss. It's OK. I'm a real animal. I came to fight today, I didn't get the decision, but I'm OK. Everyone will still want my autograph and take my picture."

Porter landed 149 of 590 (25%) of his total punches, compared to Broner's 88 of 309 (28%). Broner had a higher connect percentage in power shots, but was outpaced by a large margin. Broner landed 68 of 206 (33%), with Porter at 99 of 398 (25%). Porter's jab was a much more effective weapon, landing 50 of 192 (26%) times. Broner was just 20 of 103 (19%).

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