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De La Hoya now '50-50' on comeback

Just a few days after he emphatically said he was never coming back to boxing, Oscar is now saying it's a coin flip.

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

I don't know what it is with Oscar, one day he says he wants to come back and is targeting Gennady Golovkin, the next day he says he's happy where he is in life and he's never coming back. Now Oscar is telling ESPN's Dan Rafael that he's very serious about a comeback, calling it '50-50.'

"It's got to be worth my while but this is very serious," De La Hoya told on Monday. "I have to make sure I am fighting the very best. I don't have to come back for financial reasons or the lights or the glamour. The only reason I would come back is because I miss the competition of fighting the very best."

De La Hoya goes on to say that he's been working out rigorously, his body is feeling better than ever, and if he does come back he wants a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr. (a fight he just dismissed a few days ago) or Gennady Golovkin.

"I want to fight one of them because they are the best and I always fought the best," De La Hoya said. "That's what boxing is all about - fighting the best."

"I'm gonna stick to my diet, keep running 8 miles, doing my physical therapy and staying in shape," De La Hoya said. "If I pull the trigger, it's straight to [training camp in] Big Bear [California]."

Finally Oscar says should he come back to boxing he wants to reunite with Floyd Mayweather Sr. as his trainer, declaring him the best trainer he's ever had. That could prove to be a tough task if he indeed pursues a rematch with Floyd Jr, seeing how father and son have now reconciled their oft troubled relationship.

Either way, just come back or don't come back, Oscar - but stop pump faking the fans. All the flip-flopping gets nauseating after a short while.

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