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Golovkin trimming down to 154lbs

With the Carl Froch negotiations going nowhere, Gennady Golovkin is preparing his body to make 154 for a potential showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Gennady Golovkin, a career middleweight, is reported to have already begun training to cut down to 154lbs just in case Floyd Mayweather decides to call his name for his September bout. His trainer, Abel Sanchez, has reportedly told WBN that Golovkin can safely make the weight if he's given enough time to prepare. So looking towards the fight he's been craving, Gennady appears to be preparing for the "just in case" scenario of a Mayweather fight. He might just be spinning his wheels here, but you can't fault the guy for trying.

It's probably a long shot for Gennady to land this fight (and the proposed Froch fight fizzled after Carl went silent on negotiations) but Gennady is said to have even accepted a proposed rehydration clause mentioned by Mayweather Sr. just to make the Mayweather fight happen. Now it'll be up to Floyd Mayweather Jr. to determine if he's going to go out with a bang, taking a big risk against a fearsome puncher, or ride cruise control with Karim Mayfield or Andre Berto - two opponents Mayweather says he's 100% serious about. If Gennady can make the weight and Mayweather is to live up to his word of leaving the sport by fighting the best, this should be a pretty easy decision to make.

So let's play a game of "what if" for a moment. If Mayweather were to fight Golovkin at 154 and win a decision, how would that alter his legacy in your eyes, if at all?

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