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Froch eyes retirement, not Golovkin

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Promoter Eddie Hearn says Carl Froch is leaning towards retirement and not a fight with GGG.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

As I'm sure we all pretty much expected at this point, Carl Froch's promoter Eddie Hearn says that Froch is leaning towards retirement and not a fight with Gennady Golovkin. This was fairly self-evident after Golovkin tried to make the fight with Froch after Carl mentioned him, but Froch instead went into radio silence. If that wasn't a big enough clue, Gennady's reported training to make 154lbs spoke for itself. Hearn spoke to ESPN yesterday about Froch's status:

"I think now there's a strong possibility he will retire. People are saying he has to hurry up and make his mind up, but he will make up his mind when he wants to.

"There's also the possibility of a big domestic fight against James DeGale for a world title to consider, but my gut feeling is that he will not fight again."

Naturally, Eddie Hearn still leaves the door open for a Froch return, saying that there's still a slight chance of Froch fighting against either Golovkin or James DeGale, but don't bet on it. It seems that Froch has thought better of a Golovkin fight and is content to have last year's knockout over George Groves as his swan song.