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Arum on DLH's comeback talk: "Is he crazy?"

Bob Arum says if Oscar De La Hoya is indeed serious about coming back to boxing, he would strongly urge him to reconsider.

Oscar De La Hoya's former promoter, Bob Arum, thinks that Oscar is just playing around about making a comeback to boxing, or at least he hopes he is. In the video interview above (shot in incredibly poor lighting), when asked about his thoughts on Oscar saying he's considering a comeback, Arum says that he has no idea what Oscar's thinking and he hopes Oscar is just kidding. Arum goes on to say that as a friend of Oscar's, he would strongly urge him to think twice about making a comeback after all the years he's been out of the sport.

"This is not soccer, this is boxing. And a guy can get hurt coming back and fighting, you know, like talking about fighting Golovkin, is he crazy?" said Arum.

The reporter then pushed Arum on the subject, essentially saying that Arum thinks Oscar must be joking about a Golovkin fight but he doesn't have the same reaction to Tim Bradley saying he'll go to 160 to fight Golovkin. Arum quickly shoots back saying that Bradley is an active and current fighter who hasn't been on the shelf for seven years, thus not making it a crazy idea.

If you ask me, it is a crazy idea. There is no way Bradley should pursue a Golovkin fight at middleweight, or even at junior middleweight for that matter. I certainly don't question Bradley's heart, but by his own admission the Provodnikov fight left him with slurred speech for months, so I really don't want to see him get his head squashed by a monstrous 160lb fighter. The well is mostly dry for Bradley over at Top Rank, which must be the pretense for all this talk - but Arum is much better off trying to work out something, anything, with Al Haymon and his deep stable of welterweights, however unlikely that is to happen.

As for Oscar, well, he continues saying that his ideal scenario would be to fight the winner of Mayweather-Golovkin - as if Oscar should be able to sit on the sidelines and wait out a survivor before gracing us with his presence in the ring. De La Hoya must have one of those 'super-champion-emeritus-forever' titles or whatever. #Boxing.

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