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Devon Alexander goes on homophobic Twitter tirade

Devon Alexander has Hot Takes on gay marriage. He probably should've kept them off Twitter.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

The Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled in favor of same-sex marriage across the country today, a huge bit of news that has, not surprisingly, brought a lot of hate out of the woodwork. And our little boxing world wasn't spared, as former junior welterweight and welterweight titleholder Devon Alexander took to Twitter to voice his opinions on the matter.

alexander tweet 2

alexander tweet 1

Alexander is, of course, entitled to his own opinion. I am, too. Mine is that Devon Alexander is an idiot. If you need further evidence, here's a terrific follow-up tweet:

alexander tweet 3

Science! Alexander also went with a variation on a tried and true homophobic standard:

alexander tweet 4

Certainly it's a disappointing thing to see anyone voice these sort of thoughts, and one has to wonder now what sort of damage Alexander, 28, is doing to his career. He's not exactly a box office attraction in the first place, and has lost two of his last three fights.

Do you see this hurting Alexander's career? The backlash started fast, because that's how the world works now, and there's no changing what he said. It's out there, and he can't pretend it didn't happen. Will he struggle to get TV fights because of this?

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