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Froch: DeGale's a novice, easy fight for me

Carl Froch calls James DeGale a novice fight, but is considering a fight with him to win back the IBF title.

Although Carl Froch is saying he's excited about the thought of fighting Gennady Golovkin, he's also interested in making a fight with James DeGale. Whomever it is, all signs point to Froch carrying on for at least one more fight.

"Retirement is always on my mind and I was hoping to make a decision this week actually, but it looks like I'm not going to be making that announcement," said the Cobra. "I would love nothing more than to show the British people what I would do against someone like James DeGale."

"He's the newly crowned IBF champion, he's got my old belt, and it would be nice to go out and say, ‘Yes, he's won the belt, but look what I can do against him.' I know what would happen in that fight. That's an easy fight for me. He's a bit of a novice pro."

Calling DeGale a 'novice' is obviously harsh criticism for the new IBF world champion. James is clearly much more than a novice fighter. In fact, DeGale is a little bit Andre Ward-ish in my estimation - with a style that's not always pretty, but pretty damn effective nonetheless. Now that I'm thinking about it, how ugly would a fight between Ward and DeGale be? I shudder to think...

Anyway, Froch went on to say that he thinks DeGale could've pressed the action more in his win over Andre Dirrell, particularly after the knockdowns, but saw him take his foot off the gas pedal - something he says DeGale wouldn't be able to get away with that against him.

"If he fights someone like me, he wouldn't get past round eight on that performance. He would get absolutely knocked out."

Most people would still probably prefer the Golovkin fight for Froch, but perhaps The Cobra is getting sick of hearing James DeGale call him a [vagina].

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