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Carl Frampton's PBC debut will also air live on ITV primetime in UK

Carl Frampton's July 18th fight with Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. will be airing live on both sides of the Atlantic.

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Junior featherweight titlist Carl Frampton appears to already be reaping the dividends of his newly formed alliance with Al Haymon. Not only will Frampton be headlining a July 18th PBC card against Alejandro Gonzalez Jr.. airing live on CBS here in the U.S., but the show will also be airing live on ITV primetime over in the U.K. Needless to say, this kind of exposure on both sides of the pond is a great opportunity for Frampton to continue building his brand.

"I am delighted to be once again defending my World Title live on ITV on the 18th of July against Alejandro Gonzalez Jr," said Frampton. "It is brilliant news that this fight will be shown live on ITV at primetime in the UK and live on CBS in the USA. Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. is a young and dangerous Mexican challenger and I am expecting a tough fight. I feel I am the best Super Bantamweight in the world and I am excited to box in front of a huge television audience in the UK and USA."

Being that is it generally difficult for fighters in these low weight classes to become truly bankable stars, it's obviously a good opportunity for Frampton to be getting this kind of exposure. Whether or not it translates into him becoming a draw stateside remains to be seen, and will likely have a lot to do with how he continues to perform in the ring.

How do you like Frampton's chances of gaining traction in the U.S. as big draw?

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