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Jorge Linares open to US rematch with Kevin Mitchell

Linares insists that Kevin Mitchell's cuts were caused by punches, and says he's willing to reinforce his superiority in a US rematch.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Jorge Linares got dropped in the fifth round but was still able to fight his way back to force a tenth round stoppage over Kevin Mitchell last week in London. After the fight Mitchell asserted that the bad cuts, which effectively forced the stoppage of the bout, were caused by head butts, not punches - something that Linares vehemently denies. Linares says that he's even willing to fight Mitchell again to once again prove he's the better man.

"Why not give Kevin Mitchell a rematch? If we fight again I will win like last weekend and defend my title," Linares exclusively told World Boxing News.

"I think everyone should look back at the fight again as you can see clearly that the cuts where caused because of the punches and combinations I was hitting Mitchell with. I worked on the injury and it worsened as the fight went on."

Mitchell is said to be quickly recovering from the stitches he received after the fight, and Linares says that if Mitchell wants the rematch, he's going to have to come fight him stateside.

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