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Robert Garcia not happy with Brook-Rios negotiations

Brandon Rios' trainer, Robert Garcia, says that they're happy to take a Kell Brook fight, but aren't thrilled with the offered terms thus far.

In a video interview with FightHype, Robert Garcia says that although they'd like to make a fight with Kell Brook, they're not happy with how the negotiations have been unfolding thus far. In particular, he says that Kell Brook's team won't allow Brandon Rios to use the increasingly infamous Everlast MX gloves during the fight, Rios' preferred glove. If this story sounds familiar to any of you, it's because those are the very same gloves that made headlines when Floyd Mayweather denied Marcos Maidana from wearing them in their pair of fights. They are considered acceptable by most commission standards, but Robert Garcia says they are effectively outlawing them over in the U.K.

Garcia also says that Rios was low-balled with the offer made to them for the fight, but that it's essentially up to manager Cameron Dunkin to negotiate satisfactory terms for Brandon. About the match-up itself, Garcia gives Brook plenty of credit, but states that Kell has never been hit by someone like Rios who is ferociously aggressive.

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