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Oscar De La Hoya considering comeback

Apparently being a promoter isn't fulfilling enough for Oscar De La Hoya, who says he's thinking about defibrillating his boxing career.

After being retired from professional boxing for nearly seven years, Oscar De La Hoya says in a radio interview that he thinks about making a comeback to the sport each and every day. Oscar says he's been running and doing some light training, and now that his body and mind is feeling good, he has the itch to compete against the world's best again.

I'd say this is a classic case of fool's gold. Oscar does appear to be in good shape for his age, but that hardly means he can still compete at the elite level of the sport nowadays. But in classic Oscar fashion, he says he'll have to face 'the very best' if he does in fact make a ring return, and wants to fight someone that's going to truly fight him back. The radio show nearly got Oscar to name-drop a potential opponent he'd like to face, but they couldn't shut up long enough for him to give an answer. Oh well...

How about De La Hoya vs. Golovkin at 160lbs? The Golden Boy vs. The Good Boy. Then we'll see how much Oscar really wants to keep fighting.

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