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PBC on NBC - Guerrero vs Martinez: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Robert Guerrero takes on Aron Martinez as PBC on NBC returns this afternoon.

Suzanne Teresa / Premier Boxing Champions
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Today at 3:00 pm EST on NBC, PBC is back with a show from the StubHub Center in Carson, California, where welterweight contender Robert Guerrero will return to action against Aron Martinez, and Jesus Cuellar faces Vic Darchinyan in the featherweight co-feature.

Guerrero (32-3-1, 18 KO) is coming off of a March 7 loss to Keith Thurman in the first PBC on NBC main event, and wanted to get back into action quickly. This is a tune-up fight against Martinez (19-3-1, 4 KO), a decent club fighter type originally from Mexico and fighting out of Los Angeles. Martinez last fought in April 2014, losing a TKO-5 against Josesito Lopez.

The more interesting matchup is probably Cuellar (26-1, 20 KO) against the veteran Darchinyan (40-7-1, 29 KO). Though Cuellar should definitely be the clear favorite, as the 28-year-old Argentine fighter has emerged as a pretty good looking contender, Darchinyan, 39, has been counted out before and pulled some surprises. He took down then-unbeaten prospect Luis Orlando Del Valle in 2012 on HBO. He's gone 2-2 since then, losing a tough TKO to Nonito Donaire in 2013, in a fight where Darchinyan was leading on all three scorecards going into the ninth of 10 rounds, and was stopped by powerful Nicholas Walters in Macau a year ago.

The NBC broadcast is set to run from 3-4:30 EST, and will then switch over to NBC Sports Network for more fights.

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Jesus Cuellar def. Vic Darchinyan by TKO (1:04 of round 8)

Robert Guerrero def. Aron Martinez by split decision (94-95, 95-94, 97-92)

Dominic Breazeale def. Yasmany Consuegra by knockout (1:49 of round 3)

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Note: We did not score the Cuellar-Darchinyan fight because the NBC/NBCSN split broadcast cut out round two entirely.


Round 1: Martinez looking to start fast with pressure, as advertised. Guerrero can be a slow starter and his defense basically doesn't exist sometimes, so this could be another Guerrero fight where he makes it harder than it may need to be. Guerrero stalking Martinez now, and they tie up near the ropes as Guerrero looks to land left hands from distance. Martinez takes the opening round. Martinez 10-9

Round 2: Martinez really digging away to the body and landing some overhand rights. Martinez really doing some solid work in the corner, as he's got Guerrero stuck there and Robert's not exactly a mover. Then Guerrero finally fires back and lands a good shot, stinging Martinez a little bit. Guerrero's left eye is swelling up already. Guerrero opening up in the middle of the ring in the last 30 seconds, but gets caught with a couple shots again. Martinez 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Guerrero pressing on Martinez again, and both guys fighting hard on the inside. Martinez drills him with uppercuts. Guerrero’s going to get these rounds but he’s not actually winning them. Martinez is a better inside fighter so far. He's getting out-fought right now. Martinez 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Guerrero finding range a little better this round. Usually RG is a good inside fighter, and he's OK tonight, but Martinez is matching him at worst, getting the better of the exchanges in reality. Martinez now has Guerrero stuck in the corner again. Tied up. Uppercuts again from Martinez, and hooks, and good body shots. and GUERRERO IS BEING BEATEN DOWN AND DOWN HE GOES!! Martinez 10-8, 40-35

Round 5: Martinez hurt him again to start the round here. Guerrero pressed into the corner again, referee buys him a second. Guerrero chopping with hooks but he's got nothing on his shots and his facial expression is just not good. Guerrero looks mentally beaten. Martinez just beating him up, and now Guerrero tries to get dirty but gets shut down pretty fast. Guerrero trying to fire up with whatever he's got left, but Martinez just keeps tagging the body, too. Uppercuts, uppercuts, uppercuts. Martinez wearing Guerrero down at all times, even just leaning on him, and even at center ring. Guerrero throwing some arm punches to the body, then misses some swings while Martinez lands a couple clipping shots. Martinez 10-9, 50-44

Round 6: Guerrero trying to work his jab in the first half of this round. Martinez may be taking this round off, as he's avoiding contact more and working his way around the ring, happy to tie up when Guerrero gets close. There Martinez catches him off balance, but nothing big. Guerrero didn't do a lot in this round but Martinez gave it away. Guerrero 10-9, Martinez 59-54

Round 7: This round will be telling for Martinez, and whether or not he was tired or laying back in the last round. Martinez starting to work again, and Guerrero meeting him. Guerrero with a little flurry, bouncing around a bit. Guerrero much busier this round. Straight left hand from Guerrero lands. Martinez gets Guerrero on the ropes again and takes advantage, but Guerrero actually gets himself off the ropes this time and fires back. Good round for Robert. Martinez with a right, Robert eats it. Guerrero 10-9, Martinez 68-64

Round 8: Slow action in the first half of this round, neither guy taking the initiative. Guerrero with two jabs and a left. Guerrero is boxing now and not getting goaded into a brawl. Guerrero gets this round because Martinez didn't do much of anything to take it, and Robert landed a few decent shots. Guerrero 10-9, Martinez 77-74

Round 9: Guerrero’s reward if he can escape this with a win is going to be getting fed to someone. Everyone will want him now. Guerrero staying off the ropes and trying to pick Martinez off, Martinez not as successful actually getting inside as he is being allowed to wade in there. This has slowed down which has benefited RG. Martinez did a bit in the last 45 seconds but not enough. Guerrero 10-9, Martinez 86-84

Round 10: Pivotal round, as this could be even (as Steve Farhood has it) or Guerrero up two points, even. Who knows? Entirely possible, being boxing, that some judge has Martinez winning, like, two rounds so far. Guerrero hunting for something big, fighting like he needs it. I like Guerrero again in this round. If he gets a narrow win, I have no issue with that. Guerrero 10-9, Martinez 95-94


Round 1: Nice to get this on NBC, as Breazeale is a pushed but questionable prospect and Consuegra is undefeated, too. Consuegra with a couple shots to the head quickly. Breazeale jabbing. Consuegra is kinda tagging the crap out of Breazeale. This is a really poor start for Breazeale, really good for Consuegra. Consuegra 10-9

Round 2: Neither guy does anything for 2:55 and then Breazeale drops Consuegra at the end of round two to steal the round and an extra point. Breazeale 10-8, 19-18

Round 3: Consuegra seems to realize he fell asleep that round and now he's smacking Breazeale around again with the right hand. And then Consuegra gets dropped again halfway into round 3. This time he's hurt. Consuegra drops again as Breazeale considers throwing a punch and the fight is over. Breazeale TKO-3

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